Sunday, September 7, 2008

Iftaar with Orphans

The idea of doing breaking fast with the orphans came about during last year's Ramadhan. We (my Haj group of friends) were at a family berbuka puasa and the Pak-Pak Haji were the ones who mooted the idea. Unfortunately, it was way towards the end of Ramadhan when we met and there wasn't enough time to make the necessary preparations.

The strong men of the "project" Tn Hj Saiful (standing), seated L-R Tn Hj Kamalul, Tn Hj Jamil, Tn Hj Zul & Ustaz Hj Din. Not in picture Tn Hj Nasir (who had dropped by earlier)

Shukur kepada Allah SWT, this year, our group dipanjangkan umur, diberikan kesihatan yang baik dan dimurahkan rezeki to realise our earlier plans. The group proceeded by doing homework on which orphanage to select for the Iftaar do. Upon screening the list, we finally decided on one home in Seremban. The home, Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Aminan is an orphanage run by a generous couple, Tn Hj Kamalul and Pn Rozita for the past few years. The home houses 46 children, 22 girls and 24 boys, aged between 1 - 17 years.

Buffet berbuka for the children

Each child has a story to tell. Some have lost both parents, while the slightly more fortunate ones still have either a father or mother. There are also children whose families could not afford to support them due to poverty or physical disabilities of the bread winner in the family.

It was a simple do yesterday evening. The program started with tazkirah followed by Iftaar together. It was solat Maghrib berjemaah after that. After the solat, we indulged in the delicious masakan kampung prepared by the caterer. One of the dishes, tulang masak lemak cili api was mind blowing!! Ohhh...sodap eh!!!

Pengat at morey

The Ustaz led the Isha and Teraweh prayers soon after the makan. The caterer prepared pengat sago and pisang for 'morey'. Macam tau-tau pulak caterer ni yang pengats are my favourite. I finished a good helping of the pengat pisang. So much for wanting to diet during this fasting month, semperna nak meraikan the orphans, tak pe lah.

Children eagerly waited for their goodies

Sepatah dua kata from ayah, Tn Hj Kamalul on behalf of the children.

Pemberian sumbangan to the children

Three brand new PCs for the children's usage. Consider these present raya yer :-) But must promise to put them to good use.

Before we left the children, we handed each one of them sedikit sumbangan to cheer them up for the Ramadhan days ahead and also the upcoming Aidil Fitri. We hope our sedekah ikhlas to the children has managed to uplift their spirits and inspire them in this holy month. InshaAllah....


Kak Teh said...

Salam, what a wonderful gesture, especially in this month of Ramadhan.
Selamat berpuasa.

kay_leeda said...

Walaikumsalam Kak Teh.

Wah...I feel so honoured to have my most admired blogger dropping a line in mine. Thanks Kak Teh.

Alhamdulillah, our hajat telah diperkenankan Nya.

Selamat Berpuasa to you too.


Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay,

Alhamdullilah syukur..I'm sure that is the utterance of all the anak2 yatim for the wonderful Ramadan gesture. Semoga ia diberkati Allah..

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Yes, it was a wonderful feeling for us too. Upon seeing the happy looks on their faces...ahhh satu sepuasan di hati kecil kami.