Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nasi Padang (again...) and Starbucks Coffee

That night we had Nasi Padang again for dinner. The restaurant (ahh...can't recall what's the name, must ask Ms Legal Lady coz' she eats there most of the time when she's in jakarta) this time was bigger and more trendy too. We ordered the usual dishes, ayam bakar, beef rendang, sea food and some vege. I asked for the Otak dish, and again it was no avail.

"Udah habis, Ibuk," said the waiter. Ahhh...tak de rezeki lah nak makan gulai otak in Jakarta.

I would rate the food as average. Frankly speaking, I prefered the makan shop we went to for lunch. Food was tastier there.

By the time we finished dinner, the three of us could hardly open our eyes. Well, someone had to try keep awake long enough to get ourselves back to Paragon. And coffee would definately do the trick.

On our way to the cab station, Jupe found Starbucks coffee. Both Muni and her got their latte and what heaven it must have been. I'm not so much of a coffee person so, I was OK with no caffeine supply.

We eventually got back at our hotel late. Showered, solat and I was in slumberland within seconds.

Day 1 down and day 2 adventures would start in just a few hours.

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