Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Turmoil Aftermath

I am writing this in entry from Paka, Terengganu. A small town which is situated half way between Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu. Located by the sea and a slow 10 minutes drive gets you to the Petronas Oil Refinery and Gas Processing Plant stand like mortal structures.

On my way to the resort last night, the Refinery plants were brightly lighted. It was such a beautiful sight, seeing the massive complex stand majestically to one's eyesight. This was the first time I am seeing such a sight. Impressive, very impressive.

As I stared at the burning gas at the tip of the tower silo, a sudden chill came to me. The flames reminded of what my feelings had been over the past few days. The incident which took place between "a certain person" and me over the weekend was still bothering me. There were "flames" every where. Hurt and deception overpowered any attempts of logical thinking to take place. In a way I am glad to have this time away to cool off so to speak. Deep in my heart I tell myself I want "things" to work out BADLY. But I am too cluttered right now to figure out how best to resolve things.

Being composed is something I really need to be and strong willed is a booster I need to have to survive this next few days.

I know it's a dugaan from the All Mighty. Thus it's in Him I put my faith and my trust for only he who knows what would be best.....

Current state of mind: confused, SAD, furious and HEART BROKEN :-(

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Muni Samad said...

dear dear.. why are sad and heartbroken.. ?

'how can you mend a broken heart....' remember that song by Andy Gibb I think.. Hope you feel better now that we have 'justified' our next 'stress-buster' trip..