Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Only 122km/hour"

Ever been stopped by the police for speeding? Well, that's what happened to me this morning.

This morning I left my house at around 9.00am. My first meeting was at 12.00 noon. I knew there's no way for me to make it on time. Not unless I hit on the accelerator just a little bit. Kena pecut la sikit...nak buat camne kan. If not sure tak bole sampai punyer. Not when you have about 300 over kms to cover to the destination.

Travelling in the morning has its very own challenge. The POLICE what else. When one needs to speed, the POLICEMAN is not someone you'd want to encounter with. After a good two hours of driving, I was getting bored and sleepy too. Tried eating asam, nuts and drank lots of water too. I changed radio stations a couple of times. All of these didn't help pull me out from the boredom of the driving. To make matters worse, there were lots of road contruction along the way. Obviously, you'd have to slow down. Lagi lah boring....

I sped at times and slowed down at areas where I thought police would be hiding with their speed detector. One thing good about Malaysian drivers, they'd signal to other drivers when they see police on the opposite direction.

So to say I wasn't "informed" of a speed trap is not quite right. I saw a driver flashing its lights, telling me that there is police somewhere. I slowed down of course upon getting the signal. I was going between 100 - 120km/hr. But I guess there were times when I went slightly above the allowed speed limit. Mengantuk, bored and all, tak perasan yang I had gone faster.

About 20kms from my first flashing light signal was the police road block. Half of the highway was blocked and there were like policemen all over the place. As I passed the road block, the policeman told me to move to the side. Ahhh.....sudah....CONFIRM sudah kena!!! Urgghh.....macamana ni?? Macamana bole kena plak ni?? I thought I was really controlling my speed.

After I pulled to the side of the road, one policeman came to the car. I wind down my windows and gave him my most POYO (bored plus confused) face. The officer asked for my identity card and driver's license. Then he told me I was speeding. Yah..yah...I know. I wouldn't be stopped if I wasn't speeding right?

The officer said he was going to give me a ticket. Alamak...nak saman?? Ayoo....datuk, tak payah lah. Bukan mana laju pun. 122km/hr je. Kalau nak compare the Porche Cayenne infront of me tu...tak de mana nyer my Toyota tu lah!! So I tried all that it takes to get away from the situation. I even told the officer, I didn't have the money to pay the ticket. Not when minyak naik, harga beras naik and segala bende pun naik. But I guess, when I opened my purse to bring out my IC, he saw my fifty ringgit notes. Wei...itu money to pay toll lah. Tak kan tak tau kat Mesia ni semua benda nak kena bayar daaa...

Finally after a couple of minutes of bargaining on the ticket, he let me off. And you know what did the trick?? My baju kurung which was hanging at the back seat. The officer asked me where I work. Ohh....banyak la plak soalan-soalannya Datuk ni. Hai macamana nak kata eh, "Saya keje buat project korporat utk gomen??" Lagi lah tak faham Datuk tu kot. So I put it in simpler terms. I told him I had a meeting with some government EDUCATION officers. Wahhh...that got him to bend a bit. I guess he must be thinking, "EDUCATION, anything to do with it must be very important". Betol la tu datuk oii... Like I said, memang dah tekad nak get away scot free. Tak kuasa nak bayar saman lerr. Duit tu bagi kat gomen. They all use the money for pelik-pelik projects (like the latest one yg DPM kata nak give athletes a million ringgit if they came home with GOLD medals in the Olympics...crap lah) No way. I am not going to part with my money!!!

Plus the other thing yang got me off was the little "gedik" attitude I put on. Buat la suara ala-ala ELLA gitu. Manja-manja skit.ha ha ha. Drama je tu....and he bought it. He then told me. "Lain kali bila nak go out station, bawak la kawan. Tak de la sunyi." Ok lah..ok lah...apa-apa pun I GOT AWAY OK!!! So much for a 40 something mengedik. WoW didn't know I still had it!! Still had the gedikness in me huh? Bakat terserlah secara natural bila terdesak!!!

So moral of the story is DO NOT SPEED. Stick to the speed limit at ALL times. If you do have to go fast and got stopped by the police, PRAY that the officer is a guy and then by all means girl...use all that you've got. Flaunt, gedik, tilt your head, play with your hair or twirl your tudung. Buat muka la kesian, poyo or muka in pain ker...anything that you can think of.

Bottomline is, do ANYTHING it takes to get away not having to pay. It's worth it coz it feels good. So, so good....

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