Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anyone With Bright Ideas??

On my way to work this morning, one radio station opened its lines to have listeners call in and share ideas on how to manage with the recent petrol price increase. The responses were mixed, some gave really bright ideas while some opened their mouth without even thinking. As always, car pooling, going out less, switching to smaller cars were some of the advices given.

One caller even suggested that we ride on horses to go places!! Ummmpppp.......can we? Perhaps we should take a look at how the Amish does it. I'm sure there'd be some minister who'd voluteer to do a study trip (to kaji and kaji and kaji lagi....) to the Amish community in the States.

One caller hilariously mentioned that we should carry less weight in the car. So to those guys with 3G (Gemok, Gempal & Gebu) partners, you either get them to shape up or go get a lighter "baggage". Huh??? Some people sure are very creative... But I'm sure that wouldn't help much in measures to deal with the increasing petrol price.

I'm already thinking of not driving too much. Work in the morning and back home in the evening. No more detours to the favourite kedai kain...despite knowing that there is a heavy jam all the way there. Ooouch....there goes my stress diffuser!!

I'm also thinking of not using the air cond in the car too much. Have the car windows down and enjoy the "whatever" that is outside. But how far would I last I wonder. First there is the heat. Then there's also the CO2 emitted from the other cars which I'd be inhaling. Short distance maybe lah...but all the way that 35kms to work. Oooopss....I'd think again.

How about a motorbike then?? At times on Saturdays I'd have to drive in out in out several times to send kids to Kumon lah, art class lah, music lessons lah, tee kwan-do lah etc etc. This is not counting trips to the groceries, hair dresser, dry cleaners, McDonalds, nasi lemak stall, taufu-fa spot, kopitiam, goreng pisang joint, mamak's bistro etc etc. Kalu on bike bole gak cilok and rempit..hehe...hehe. Ada berani kaa?? The agony of going several rounds looking for a miserable parking spot would also be a thing in the past. Ummppp...not a bad deal eh??

I guess I shall keep my options open. Bottom line is, I gotta at least try out something and see what would be the best solution for me.

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