Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spring Repair

I pass this eye catching signage everyday on my way back from work. I've been wanting to get a shot of it but no avail. Most of the time I was either too far from it or too occupied to remember snapping a picture. Today, I finally got it.

Written on stricking amber coloured card, it would definitely attract any passing driver's attention. Indeed it is good product advertising. I would give it an A for sure.

I guess with all the fiasco that's going on in the country, folks need to divert their attention onto "something" else. What interesting about the signage is its assuring promise "SPRING RETURN. ADA SIJIL KESIHATAN."

I thought "spring" was only used during physics experiment in school. The word "SPRING" transported me back to my days of doing physics in school. My physics sir used to say "spring anjal vs spring tak anjal". Uummppp...cannot imagine la macamana..heh..heh...

The adveriser is also bold enough to display his (or her coz maybe it's a SHE??) contact number. I wonder if there are folks who'd jot down the number and call to enquire. As for me, I'd like to see how long is the signage going to still be posted. If I recall well, it's been there for more than a month!! My guess is, as long as the signage doesn't get blown away by strong winds or knocked down by some crazy driver, it will continue to be there, attrating more and more curious people. And I really wonder out of the many who saw it, how many would actually have the guts to make that call.

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