Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol Price Hike

Dear oh dear...must they do this to us the Rakyat again??

Mr PM announced yesterday that the price of petrol would increase effective midnight last night. Didn't they increase the price a couple of times last year? Berapa kali mau naik daaa?? The new price of petrol is RM2.70. It is a 78 cent increase from its current price then.

As usual the moment the announcement was made, vehicle owners thronged to the petrol stations to have their car tanks filled with fuel. The queues at the petrol station were riddiculously crazy. People were queing for like 1 km long just to ensure that they'd fill up to the brim and hope that the petrol would last forever. Kiasu mentality to the max....

Why bother lah!!! It's not like you'd buy petrol that only one time. Two days from now, when your fuel tank is empty, you'd be heading back to fill up again.

The roads were jam packed yesterday. No thanks to these queues at the petrol stations which some had spilled over onto the highways. And no thanks to the heavy downpour during home rush our yesterday either.

Guess...this is what development means. What a life....what a life!!!

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