Monday, June 23, 2008


Off late there is just so much hu-ha about the salary of the top corporate figures in the country. However, this one news irked me more than the rest. It was given comprehensive coverage both by the alternative and main stream media. The news was none other than a certain CEO’s 100% salary increase. What??? A hundred percent increase? Petrol naik harga, beras naik harga and segala naik harga. Gaji of this cherubic face CEO pun naik jugak? And a hundred percent increase?? During these difficult times? You gotta be kidding…..

First there was this loud and proud announcement. Then last night, dear Mr. PM said, "Mana ada…blah..blah..blah….justify this and justify that.” Haiya…who are we to believe ahh!! That’s it for me. I don’t believe anyone of them. They are just talking through their @#$XX. It’s a whole bunch of crap they are talking. So, if these people don’t know what on earth they are doing, just please HUSH UP!!

Best thing was, at last night’s prime time news, even the figure was announced. Maybe I heard it wrong, but I thought I heard the figure came to somewhere in the millions. So now…more of the untold is revealed. The more these people open their mouths, more juice will pour out.

My other point here is confidentiality. Isn't salary supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL? Many years back, when I first started in HR, this was the first thing my boss told me. Salary is CONFIDENTIAL. What you see is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

Well, for a newbie in the department, I kept my mouth shut. Not a whisper would come out of me. I could have blurted my MD’s salary if I wanted to and also the handsome bonus the directors were getting. But to me, when I am entrusted to do so, I’d do as I was told.

“No one should know about salary. When others know, they will start to compare and that’s when things can become haywire.” Those were the exact words of my HR Director. She’s retired now. But her good advice still comes in very handy.

Now, back to this publicized salary thing. See…what has happened now? There is just so much unrest over the whole matter. It has indeed become the talk over morning breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. And most of the comments were rather negative I must say. Not enough with the coffee shop talk, throngs of people are debating it in forums on the Internet.

To me something is not right somewhere. Here you have someone getting a 100% pay hike while there are others who have to keep two, three jobs to make ends meet. Now, even Mr PM is encouraging this, allowing people of the lower income group to moonlight!! Wah…now, we have this new term in the service - legally moonlighting. Ummpppp……what say you??? So I guess, I’d be seeing more of the office to office business sprouting? Thumbs up folks coz’ in Malaysia apa-apa also BOLEH!!!

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