Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Envious Emails

I wonder if this has happened to you guys out there before. Why is it when colleagues hear that you are going out of town, they assume that you are off on a holiday. They then send you some envious sounding email like have fun, enjoy the sun and the good food etc, etc.

I received one of those emails last weak when I was in Paka. I wasn't like upset or anything when I received it but when I replied, I purposely added all the spices that could be added to it.

Well, the email, in a few words implied what fun I was having lazing by the beach under the sun and indulging the good food. Ooppsss...how wrong can one get. This was a work trip and it was not those holidaying by the seaside kind of thing.

The pool at the resort. And the closest I got to the waters. No way I was going to swim in here..eiiyeww...

The naughty me replied the email in these few words too..."yup, having a splendid vacation. hunks in shorts are all over the place. care to join me?"

Ha..ha..ha...anyone green with envy yet??

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