Monday, June 2, 2008

Shopperholic Talk

Does this make sense to anyone?

kay : yr tudung is suda siap
jupe : ok. me collect tomorrow
kay : tudung so cantik
jupe : plenty more where that came from...hint..hint
kay : joms...m'sia airlines got free & easy hanoi
jupe : godaannnn...
kay : mambang yg menggoda bukan sebarang mambang..mambang shopping freak
jupe : = pompuan gilos
kay : gilos + weng + stress = hanoi, shenzhen, jakarta. take yr pick
jupe : houston we have a problem
kay : do what must be done
jupe : we r what we do
kay : beam me up Scotty
jupe : encounters of the shopping kind

Special Branch dont get us wrong. These are just codes from one shopping freak to another. Doesn't make sense to you? Well, that's too bad. Guess you'll need to be just like us...shopperholic of the worst kind!!

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