Friday, July 4, 2008

Lighter Side of "So Do Mee"

There's just so much of this word "So Do Mee" being said in the past few days. Whilst most of them are so intriguingly disgusting, I have this one funny (at least to me lah eh..) story I'd like to share here. Believe me, it's nothing like those you read or hear anywhere else.

When Faris was young I enrolled him into the Yamaha JMC (Junior Music Class) program. A music lesson for young children where parents sit in the class together with their youngens.
Children learn to play the simple musical pieces and at the same time learn solfeges. I guess it's through solfege learning that the children understand the musical notes better.

The solfeges would sound this way..
"Do So Do, So Fah Me Re, Do So Do" or anything of the Do Re Me combination.

In the past few days, the infamous "So Do Me" word is back again. I can't help but grin (and at the same time feeling furious) to myself when I hear this "So Do Me" word being obliviously mentioned by folks on the street.

No thanks to this 23 year old, drop out (and still got the guts to seek for scholarship) who's trying to attract cheap thrill and attention via his a police report of a misconduct of a political leader.

Thank God "So Do Me" didn't hit the street those days when Faris was in JMC. Otherwise, I can't imagine the overwhelming questions asked about the word. And I'm sure parents would have to explain with great pains the meaning of "So Do Me". Can't imagine the examples and analogy we'd have to site to give the somewhat correct meaning of the godforsaken word.

Imagine the faces of the parents if their child has to recite such a solfege.

"So Do Me. So Do Me. So Do Me....Me Me Me" (ending it with a high note...heh..hehe..hehe)

Boy...wasn't I fortunate back then huh!!! Otherwise apa lah yang nak di-explain apa kat budak-budak kenit lepas solfege recital they all...

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