Saturday, July 5, 2008

(Extended) Club Members

After the stretch of hectic days in the office, I was really looking forward to the weekend. There were no special plans made. I just wanted to relax and perhaps catch up with my sleep. much needed beauty sleep. Iyer lah kan bila dah 40 something and counting ni, some extra work needs to be done in the "beauty" department..heh..heh.

I guess I am one of those blessed people who has a super doper bibik who practically runs the home front for me. And because of that, I have no worries of dirty laundry, breakfast or who's going to scrub the kids school shoes. I could count on bibik to kawtim everything. Jadik nyer bila dah no worries...apalagi, after Subuh, I continued my dozing off till almost 10am. Tu dia...qada tidor lah kata kan!! The rest of the day was spent lazing around in the house. Had lunch, did some reading and dozed off again till Asar (told you..I am such a sleepy head on weekends). tak boleh jadi ni. Dok nak terlelap je. Since it was such a bright day outside, I figured it would be good to head to the club and do some laps in the pool. There were already lots of people in the pool when I got there. The situation was different from my usual swim on weekdays. The pool was practically mine. Tak pe lah I said to myself. I must not be selfish. These other folks are also members of the club. They too have rights to use the club facilities just like me.

The view of the pool (after it was closed this afternoon)

I did my usual 20 laps of breast stroke followed by a few extra laps of free style. It was kinda difficult to keep focused coz there were others swimming criss crossing in the pool. There was even one guy, complete in his track suit and t-shirt walking around in the pool. Hey, whatever happened to proper dresscode in the pool?? I noticed not many people observe this anymore. Selamba je pakai apa-apa suka in the pool. Hai..hati dah hangat skit dah ni!!

The sauna - behind the wooden door

The shower room - just across tha sauna

Once I was done with my swim, I headed to the sauna. Spent a good 30 minutes in there. However, towards the end of sauna time, came in this little girl with the maid. I seriously thought that they wanted to sweat it out in the hot room. To my surprise, the maid then started putting on the girl's clothes. Hah?? After shower, pakai baju dalam sauna?? Ni mana pulak punyer ajaran sesat nih?? Dalam hati I was as hangat as the sauna dah.

The girl was really a pain. She kept on walking in out of the sauna. I gave her one irritated look and luckily she got the hint. She then left the sauna. Fuhhh...good riddance. Five minutes later came in another girl and the same maid. Again the same ritual was repeated. Lepas shower, pakai baju in the shower too. Waduh, waduh....gue udah ngak bole tahan ini. I just had to ask these weird people lah. What on earth do they think they are doing? And they were irritating me like crazy. The maid didn't answer me when I asked her why she must come into the sauna to put on the children's clothes. Then I heard some commotion from the shower room outside. It was the maid's employer asking her why the girls did not have their clothes in the sauna. I heard the maid said, "Ada orang di dalam." Yes, memang ada orang di dalam and dah nak terbakar dah ni with all your gelagat.

When my 30 minutes was up, I emerged from the sauna. Next would be to hit the shower. When I was about to step into the shower, there was again another commotion. The employer, the maid and the grandmother. Hah? What? There are more of them? Wei...apa ni? Gi club siap bawak the entire clan!! If my memory serves me well, the club offers membership to only individuals. We are allowed to bring children aged below 12 to use the pool. Bila pulak lah extended to maids, grandmothers and what-have-yous?? Now, I am really sakit hati already. I must remember to have a quick talk with the club personnels on this matter later on.

I thought everything was all over with the family. Tak....ada lagi!! After I finished taking my shower, the maid was about the bathe in the next shower to mine. And you know what happened? The moment the maid stepped into the shower, one of the girls whom she was taking care pushed the shower door and insisted to watch the maid bathe!!!! My eyes almost popped out. There was the maid clad in her towel and this 8 or 9 year old girl was at the door wanting to see the maid wash herself!!! The maid pleeded continuously for the girl to close the door so that she could continue what she was doing privately. But the girl didn't want to budge. Gosh...rasa macam nak lepuk je the girl. Not wanting to be in the scene any longer, I walked away disgustedly.

So much for wanting to have a good work out in rest and relaxed environment huh? I ended up more stressed in the end. What a turn it had been from how I started my day. No thanks to some club members - extended members that is.


Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay,

You should have lepuk the kid for being such a spoilt and ill-mannered child. Then lepas tu lepuk ke mum pulak for allowing her daughter to behaving such badly to the maid (altho' she's a maid, she is still older than the child kan. Even for the factor alone...respect la sikit!).

Pas tu, lepuk the grandmother for menyibuk jadi extended club member.

And lastly, you should have lepuk the maid too for allowing herself to be bullied by a child who wanted to have some kind of voyueristic pleasure watching her maid showering.

THEN only you would have left the club with much satisfaction. :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Ish..' lepuk her mum pulak for allowing her daughter to behave badly..'

Terlampau into lepuk melepuk sampai grammar pun berterabur.

kay_leeda said...

Heh..heh..heh..nak lepuk melepuk ni tak brani gak. With all these unrest, duress feelings going around, silap-silap backfire.

I did have a chat with the club personnels about these extended members. Apparently the boys are aware of this family's weekend stints. They only come on weekends when the manager is not around. Sneeky, don't you think so?

Next plan of action is to talk to the club manager. Let's see what my ultimate satisfaction will be after doing so.