Monday, July 7, 2008

Surau That Way ------>

I like it that most of the R&R areas along the North South Highway have been redesigned and refurbished for better confort of the travelers. When I travel up North I'd usually stop at the Tapah R&R for a quick bite, if I don't have much time to spare. And if I am not so much in a rush, I'd go for the curry mee in one of the stalls. Real nice and tasty plus not too creamy. Just how I like my curry mee. Unlike those yang berenang-renang minyak nyer tu, though I know ramai yg suka curry mee gini. Anyway, it boils down to your preferance lah kan. No right or wrong to it. Just have to be careful with the cholesterol intake...

Well, that's my snippet of the Tapah R&R heading North.

On my way back to KL, again, my stop for some refreshments would be the South bound Tapah R&R. The main attraction here is the guava and jambu stalls. I have no particular stall that I go to. My guess is, most of the fruit come from the same orchard. The prices are also the same. So, I'd just do my usual Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Moe and hope to walk into a good stall.

And that's my liking of the South bound Tapah R&R.

However, what I want to share here has nothing to do with the fruit or food stalls. It's the surau that I want to talk about. During my last trip to Penang, on my way back to KL, I stopped at the South Bound Tapah R&R for solat and toilet break. The R&R now has a new Surau and it is much more comfortable than the previous one. It is spacious and airy. I like this as it doesn't give me that claustrophobic feeling as some suraus do.

The surau is clean as I could see the cleaners going in and out to mop the floors. What attracts me most is the ablution area. Again, the area is spacious and it gives one the ambience as if you are at one of those Balinese water fountains. It wasn't smelly or anything and check this out, when you step on the floors, it didn't feel like you were going to slip and fall (coz berlendir & not cleaned properly...eeyeww). Baru lah semangat and dapat lah the khusyuk and tawadduk during prayers.

Unfortunately, even with such good facilities, I noticed that there were still folks who used the toilet to take their ablution. Haiya...toilet tu kan tak tau kebersihan nyer. Just go to the surau lah to do what you need to do to prepare for prayers. What irks me even more is when people lift up their feet and wash them in the sink when taking their ablution. If the facilities are not available, yes I can understand it. Ni such a nice and comfy place is ready for use. Takk....nak gi jugak do "it" in the toilets.

I told the ladies at the R&R that day about the surau and its facilities. Told them, "Kat hujung sana ader surau besar, bersih and ader tempat wuduk. Tak usah ambik wuduk kat toilet." I meant to share with them what I know. But my good intention was not well received. Ader plak one makcik ni replied back, "Sama je. Kat sini ader air. Senang nak wuduk." the toilet there's water, of course. But the issue here is the cleanliness and how we are to avoid perkara-perkara najis into solat.

Haiya,I didn't want to say much lah. I am no Uztazah. Pakai tudung pun tudung semi pro je. Some of them were as old as my Mom. So siapa lah I ni nak pandai-pandai ajar them. After all they all yg dulu makan garam than me kan. Ok lah, my dear mak ciks, have it your way lah. If you must do "it" in the toilet, it's your choice. Me no more say anything after this.

My point is, why is it so difficult to accept something if it's for the good of oneself? That..I really don't understand. Anyway, no love lost lah between the makciks and I. I was just sharing. Tak nak tak pe...Aiman tak kisah!!!

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