Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July - Happy Independance Day

Happy Independance Day!! What Independance?? Here in BolehLand, is there any? Maybe in name but in actual essence of it, do we have it?

I found this from a blog somewhere. The list is longer actually but I'd just list out the ones I feel most apt.

All these PRESSURE that we are put under is making me morbidly SICK of:

The Direction This Country Is Being Led Into.
The Rampant Corruption
The Ease With Which People Are Bought and Sold
The Failure of the BN to Admit That People Have No More Need of Them
The Sinful Wastages
The Blatant Bailouts of Failed Government Corporations
The Flippant Flip Flops
The Enslavement of the Rakyat Through these ACTS!


Madam Tai Tai said...

Salam Kay.

Returning your kind visit to my abode earlier. Nice place you have I shall visiting frequently from now on. :)

Having lived in a much more chaotic political, economical and social condition, I find Malaysia so heavenly. Its politics - well...there are jokers everywhere. We just need to tell them that their performance should end soon as the audience are getting bored.

But Malaysians being Malaysian are just too laidback. Asal boleh makan, nothing really matters much for the laymen.

If we want our country to change, we need to change our attitudes first. By we I mean the whole nation - muda, tua, kaya, miskin, yg di bandar, yg di kampung, melayu, cina, india, dan segala bangsa Malaysia. We can't change if only 30% of the population wants it.

Just hold on tight to your stomach, lest you want to purge, and withstand these pressures a tad longer. Hopefully change will come soon.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Oopps..typo. Left out the 'be' in ' I shall visiting frequently..'

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Thanks for droping by :-)

Oh..I agree so very much with you. If one could check the expiry date of our politicians, the majority of them have to be thrown out.

In general most Malaysians are the laidback kind. But what irks me even more is the attitude of the Malays. Memang orang Melayu are such a complacent lot. Words like "privilege" and "subsidy" are so synonym with the race. At times malu bila nak berdepan with the other races coz rasa semacam punya label on the forehead, blinking this message.

And when faced with challenges, instead of solving them, dia lagi mau burn the house, which is the situation now.

At times, I wonder if anyone actually cares what the future of our nation will be in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years to come.

Perhaps to purge is not too bad of an option.