Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Springing in Osaka

Yes...it's almost spring here in Osaka. And we are also "springing" on this trip. Trying to be very flexible with our visit program.

Visited the famous Osaka Castle yesterday. It was a very high climb way to the top. More photos in my proper postings later.

From our hotel window, I could see the morning rush our crowd. These Japanese are so disciplined. You could see that from the way they walk, they queue in line at the subs. Fuhhh...it takes so much to be a great nation like theirs!

Nissa likes it very much here. Cold, fresh air and no school, of course. Told her it's a study tour and assignment awaits.

Okay, that's a brief on our first day in osaka. Gotta get ready. Checking out from hotel in a while. Next destination is Kobe :)

Have a good day folks :))

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