Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As the Skylark Sings - Osaka Part 3

When in Japan, castle visit is must do. During this trip, we visited four castles – one in Osaka, the other in Himeji and two in Kyoto. These castles are famous landmarks and popular sightseeing spots.

The castle was an easy find. Located in the city itself and next to the museum, it didn't take us long to get there.

Well kept, well trimmed

We walked pass the castle's outer park.

and came to the outer moat

Passed the outer moat

The steep walls that rise close to 30 meters high are made of huge blocks of stone that were transported to Osaka from quarries over 100 kilometers away.

The castle buildings came into view

Main walkway into the castle

Grand gate of the castle

There's a jogging track in the castle complex

this way in....

one of the buildings in the castle complex

The Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1582 and was his place of rule until he died.

Aim....and blast!!

At the castle entrance...after this no photos allowed.

Little empress wannabe

and one final jump.....


busymum100 said...

(I should be asleep. I AM asleep!!)

Beautiful blog entries on your recently concluded Japan trip!!

Tp the best part tu, byk gambar yg obvious sgt Nissa is TALLER than you, LOL!!

kay_leeda said...

Hi Busymum100,

Yesssss....she has overtaken Mommy!! Tak pe lah, Mommy will maintain the cutest of them all :)

Anonymous said...

Nissa is so so lucky Kay, kecik2 dah gi merata-rata.


edelweiss said...

besttttnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kak kay!!!!!!!!