Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As the Skylark Sings - Osaka Part 2

Exhaustion from our travel knocked us out completely. When my BB alarm rang at 4.30am for Subuh prayers, it startled me that I almost fell off the comfy bed. The unfamiliar surroundings of the hotel room had me thinking hard of my whereabouts. Then it dawned on me that I was on holiday and there was no deadlines chasing me and I didn't have to scramble and rush to beat the early morning traffic.


Our hotel - the Hearton Hotel Nishi Umeda is located in the business district in Osaka and is a few minutes walk from Osaka Station – the main railway terminal. The area around the hotel is surrounded by thousands of dining establishments.

When I was screening list of hotels to stay on the Internet months before the trip, my priority was to get one which was close to the rail or subway line. Of course, a little shopping would be okay. But when I later discovered that we were just doors away from Daimaru and Hilton West Plaza, my heart skipped many beats!

Time and time again, I had to remind myself that this trip was not a shopping trip and I wasn't with my BFFs doing RT. However, you know that your prayers are heard and you are in the company of ardent supporters - folks you sent to go get milk returned with report that was music to your ears when they said that there is an LV boutique down the road! Hah....explain that - my apprentice, I have trained her well, have I not? *wink*

After breakfast that Monday morning, we were all set to discover the city. Top on my itinerary was the Osaka Castle and the Osaka Museum of History.

It rained that morning when we were all set to discover sights and scenes of Osaka. And it was cold too....

To get to the nearest subway station, we had to pass the department store located next to our hotel.

Window display of local delicacies.....tempted? Yes...but we were not sure of the Halalness.

The Hilton Plaza....macam-macam adaaaaa di situ :)

Although it was rush hour, the streets were not congested. Most people commute on trains and public transport.

Blooms ready for spring

The subway station we took to get to our destination. The Japanese subway lines are many. One must know which direction to head and which line to take. The best way is to buy the one day pass; fast, easy and cost saving too. It's like doing subway a hop on hop off and you don't need to keep on buying tickets at the ticket machines which instructions are usually in Japanese.

But the Japanese people are really a helpful lot. They will assist you to the very best that they can. Although not many are able to speak in English, they will provide explanations till they are convinced that you would be okay.

Signages have improved - some directions can be found in English.

The underground subway stations are places with lots of hypes. Malls, eateries and convenience stores are everywhere.

We finally got to our stop. Since there are many exits, one must be sure which one leads you to your point of interest. This cardboard signage was a great help!

The street leading to the Osaka Museum of History

The museum fan

The old and the new well preserved and maintained.

Taking a sip from the cold, cold water cooler

Entrance to the museum. If you purchase the one day rail pass, ticket to the museum is inclusive.

The museum explains extensively history of Osaka and the surrounding region.

Used for some religious ritual

Wooden replica of the Osaka Castle and its historical facts.

In the main exhibition area

There were eight floors of exhibits. To go see all was almost impossible in that short time that we had. We had to be selective and only visited the significant exhibition rooms only.

Our next destination.....Osaka Castle

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