Sunday, June 26, 2011

To Flag Off

I am walking to the flag off area as I type this entry. The Dataran Merdeka area is packed with "green" people. Everyone looks so happy, and so "gung ho" too.

Nervous? Yes, a little bit. I feel I have not trained enough. Should have started training earlier and go to the gym to work out more often.

Duhhh....what if I tak larat later?? Malu je kan.....Tak pe lah - this is my first time. I'm gonna be running alone.....sob...sob. When I signed up, I checked if anyone else in the house wanted to come along. Unfortunately, no one was game. And ada juga yang doubt if I could ever get to the finish line.

It's ok, we shall see what happens later. Wish me luck ya :)

Almost there dah..I could see the flag off stage already. And I could feel my heart beating much faster now.

Mobile toilets and folks queuing for that morning ease

Flag off area...look towards the blue arch like balloons.

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Ummi365 said...

Well done!

edelweiss said...

well done kak kay! cayalahhhh.