Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day...Almost

So yesterday was Father’s Day. Err…not quite for us. The father was away and so were the kids. He had to attend an important program organized by the office. No way I could compete with that lah kan……

The kids, well, one was busy helping a friend’s sister’s wedding and the other was so absorbed with his car – working round the clock to improve its performance. So, tinggal lah Mommy, Nissa and the cats. Poor us :(

Anyway, Mommy was in the mood to bake. The work related stress must have given the sudden urge to slog in the kitchen. It was ages since my last baking project. And with no maid, it felt like a real chore to get my hands and kitchen extra messy.

So there we were, the Mommy and dotter team – working on our “throw all in” carrot cupcakes concoction. It was tiring of course, having to prepare everything ourselves. No bibik to get the baking stuffs out and do the cleaning once we were done. However, contrary to how I felt earlier and very much to my surprise, the baking worked wonders to my all my stressed up system. Baked with loads of passion, and the result was super cool!!

Cuppies were gone in no time, and by the time the father came home later that evening adalah beberapa ketul left for him to savor. Guess it’s better late than no show and better beberapa ketul yang inggal than nampak kesan or tinggal hanya bau, betul tak??

Our cuppies turnout so gebu, moist and heavenly (err…puji diri sendiri lah pulak kannn…)

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