Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To the Caves

Our guide Lynn suggested that we visit one very famous cave in Guilin. According to her the rock pillars and rock formations have existed for hundreds of years. Like most tourist sites in Guilin, to enter one must purchase tickets. We paid about CNY90 per ticket to enter the caves.

The Reed Flute Cave is a brilliant cave which got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside it, with which people make flutes.

Inside this water-eroded cave is a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition.

These caves were discovered by a farmer. His reward was only 1yuan.

It is a Chinese habit to give each formation a legendary or poetic name such as Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda, Virgin Forest, Flower and Fruit Mountain and other interesting names.

For some of these names, one has to use much imagination, to visualize the formations.

Lynn said this formation looks like the chandelier. Emmmmppppp.....entah larrr......

Can you spot a face in the rock formation?

Some 70 inscriptions on the cave wall are said to be travelogues and poems derived from the Tang Dynasty

Both the stories and the lighting add mystery to the scene. This one for example is known as the snow castle. Reflections of the rock formations on the water was really, really a beauty!!


Zendra-Maria said...

Beautiful.... anw how vivid the colours!

I, Batu Caves pun belum sampai...

Ezza said...

cantik nya.....gambar yang last tu indah sekali

Zen...Dulu I pi Batu Caves tu...hari2 panjat tangga dia..tapi sekarang ni nak masuk pun dah tak da mood..
Nissa tu dah ropa kakak dia dah...

mamasita said...

Extremely of Mother Nature's beauty for us to marvel and enjoy..cantik sungguh the colours!

rosianna said...

such a lovely beautiful...!! love this ^^