Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kuatagh Chillex

When I told Nissa that we were heading to Kuantan last Sunday, she made funny faces at me. Cynically, she asked me, “Where is that?” Ohh…too much of cuti-cuti di luar Malaysia this girl!!

I shared with her why she may like the place, but she wasn’t very convinced. Before I ended our conversation, I told her that I once went to school there. Her reply was oh yeah..??

It was an easy drive to Kuantan. In slightly less than 3 hours, we were already exiting the highway at the Gambang toll and heading towards the town centre. Told Abe that I wanted to make a quick stop to get stuffs for Nissa’s fun in the sun. We headed to Berjaya Mega Mall and I made one quick dash into Parkson.

Kuantan - a town on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 200km northeast from Kuala Lumpur, is not at all an untrodden path. Was there for about a year in 1977 during my brief stint in MRSM Kuantan and have come back a couple of times on work assignments. When Abe informed that he was heading there for work, I was all hands up wanting to tag along.

Swiss Garden Resort near Pantai Balok where we stayed for the night. Most hotels in Kuantan and Cherating were fully booked!!

Sea was calm and beach was not too packed

Father & dotter beach bummers of the day

Saw many of these "intricate" patterns in the sand

Really tiny hideout

Occupant of the hideout...si ketam angin

Kelapa yang dah bertunas

The three beach bummers

Fun in the pool

Wished I had more time to visit the spa....

Keropok galore

Sata yang sangat sedappppp

from gerai Pak Soh...rupa tempat tiada lah sangat, but the sata & kepok were really, really yummy

Passed by my old college. Nissa was impressed to know that I once went to a boarding school.

The tennis court and girls hostel in the background. This place still looks the same!!

The dining hall

Time to go back KL, Nissa....

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Kama At-Tarawis said...

when we were transferred to kuantan upon our return from the UK, we stayed in a house just behind MRSM. this was in 1978 and the college was still quite new.

mamasita said...

Kuantan is indeed one of the most heavenly places in the East Coast..:D
Come back soon Kay..

Anonymous said...

I love kuantan too! My BIL's house is around MRSM too, so we usually singgah on our way to Cherating or Kijal. I think people who live in Kuantan are very lucky, the beach is close by, houses are cheaper than KL and life is at a slower pace. Maybe I'm just a kampung girl at heart...