Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twistin' and Turnin'

Commitments at work have definitely picked up. Yesterday's meeting with one of the clients almost gave me a nervous attack. When I entered the "check point" dates into my PDA this morning, I could very well say goodbye to my March and April. There is a deadline each week and come mid April, the "beef" has to be ready and served to the client.

I am feeling feverish already, don't know if it's the stress or intense hot weather that's bugging me to the bones. A few of my colleagues are already falling sick. From where I am seated, I could hear the nasty uncharacterized melody of someone's cough. And just a while ago, another colleague complained of a stubborn cold which doesn't seem to want to disappear, even after days of gobbling down the prescribed antibiotics.

My neck is starting to feel stiff after a whole day of staring at the computer screen. Fatigue caused by the eye strain is undeniably evident. I remember receiving an email from a colleague on neck exercise sometime ago. And just where could that piece be, now that I am in need of it.

After doing a quick search in my almost full mailbox, the piece emerged. Try reading this exercise piece and allow the neck to go twistin' and turnin' folks.

The email says that the exercise helps with blood circulation and ease muscle stiffness too. There is no affirmative if it will work. But I'm surely going to give it a try....


Kak Teh said...

Kay, its the same for me - next week is choc-a-bloc - but Ahamdulillah Busy is good. iwill also try the exercise. if i get neckache ,then you will know from the slant of my writing. Take care.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Teh,

Yes, busy is indeed good, more so during trying times like now. But I must try to balance work and the exercise. Kalu tak, I'd feel the drag and mulalah rasa sakit satu badan.

You take care too, Kak Teh :)

Laracroft74 said...

Kak Kay..

I think the virus is in the air...I just recovered from fever and really bad sore throat 2 days back.. now still having a bit of running nose esp kalau duduk office...lagi banyak keluar (macam nak suruh ambik MC je nie..)
eh, i tried the neck exercise...not badla!! boleh kasi loose all the tense muscles...

Naz said...

I do hope your colleagues know what you're doing when you are practising this twistin and turnin thingy. Silap silap orang datang bawa stretcher and straight jacket to your office....hihi!
(usik kay, usik je!)

mamasita said...

I dont need one tapi does it really work?

Memang weather recently panas betul! And her in Kuantan the nyamuk population tiba2 semakin ketara. Shelltox pun macam dah tak lut.Dia bantai sampai ke pipi2 bila tengah tidur.

My eldest siang2 dah demam and whatever because of your KL weather.Huyong hayang drive kreta gi office kata dia.Maknanya not necessarily orang drunkard when you see a car driven zig-zaggingly kan? hahaha

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay,

I did it, 3 times as prescribed. It's good! My neck is no longer so stiff now. Thanks for the tip!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

my God Kakak, when I saw the poem, nak pusing leher pun malas! just pusing-pusing bijik mata aje (can ah?).

Maaaan, thiiiiiis issss sewwiouuuus! (ala the duck in Wonderpets) Betapa malasnya akewww.

Kak Ezza said...

mula mula ingat nak cuba baca macam biasa tapi memang vetul laa...ada sikit lega kat tengkuk ni,

akak copy & paste ya kat my doc akak...

wanshana said...


If you had posted this a day earlier, I wouldn't have had to go and see the doctor for my stiff neck and shoulders! But, I did, and I was given a 2-day sick leave to rest at home. With this twistin' and turnin' exercise you shared with us here, I guess I don't need to take the prescribed painkillers for long! Hehehe!

Thanks, Kay :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Lara,

Wahh...it worked on you?? I'm so glad. Yes a lot of people are falling sick. Hai, ramai lah yg beratur pi cari MC :)

I'm still hanging in there. Rasa nak demam still ada, but tak done nak fikir. Got so much stuffs to settle.

You take care :)

kay_leeda said...


Usik mengusik bawa bahagiaaaa :)

Woit...tau lah awak tidak kepanasan. Can hembus the chill towards us yang right smack on the Equator ni tak?

kay_leeda said...

Datin Mama,

Hot, hot hot it is in the Klang Valley. Lagi lah hot bila sudah meeting with client!!!

Laa...driving ala-ala a drunkard?Tell your girl to take it easy yah.

Ohhh bab nyamuk tu..didn't you know that they are of a different and better breed now? Pas tu, dia tau je the strategic place nak cucuk jarum they all.. :)

Try the exercise...I've done it just as prescribed. Ok juga lah..

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

I'm glad the exercise works on you. Besides that, it also helps when you do some stretching to break the work monotony.

You have a good day, dear :)

kay_leeda said...


Wei...jangan terlebih vitamin M ittew!!! Bergerak ke kiri and ke kanan...goyang-goyang...heh..heh :)

Ooops..goyang-goyang, jgn sampai jadi InulDarT udah lerr...:))

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

Udah lega tengkok tu?? Gald it helped you. Kalu nak tau betol-betol boleh work ker tak, nanti experiment on Abg ok.

Can...no probs, copy & paste and share with others.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Wanshana,

Sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I feel something is brewing in me, just hoping it will not erupt just yet. Kerja so banyak lorr.

Girl...you keep on twistin' and turnin' and perhaps that will keep the doctor away :)

Errr...correction, all the other doctors away, except that ONE doc..heh..heh :)

Take care and hope you'll get better soon.

bella said...

Kak Kay, I do NOT have the courage to twist and turn and read the note...hehehe...busy is really good esp. at this time of turmoil...hot compress on the stiff area works wonders sometimes...try it..

kay_leeda said...


Heh..heh..you no doin' the twistin' and turnin'?? I'm sure we all have our own tricks kan. In all ways, it feels so good when the stiffness is gone :)

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