Monday, February 16, 2009

Afternoon Splash and Peddling Passion

What a hot day is was today!! I could have sworn that it felt like a hundred degrees out there. It was only 11.00 am and my two girls were cooling off in their room with the air-cond on full blast. Even the four kittens were smuggled into their room to enjoy a more refreshing atmosphere. I was in my room, also with the AC on and trying so hard to comprehend a technical write up, the homework I had brought back from the office. Half way during my read, I must have dosed off. Next thing I knew, the folder had slipped from my grip and Nissa was knocking on my door, grumbling about the heat.

It was just us girls at home today. Bibik had gone to help ABE finish his DIY project in Subang. I’m such a hopeless soul at this DIY thingy; can’t tell the nails from the nuts and bolts (and he’s got like two tool boxes full of these things, just the nails, nuts and bolts, mind you all nicely arranged according to the different shapes and sizes and don’t anyone dare mess with them!!) or the tapes for the electrical wires from the ones used for plumbing (like who cares, yah??) So Bibik was the closest aide he could get. And of course, Bibik will always accommodate her Boss lah kan.

I was practically drenched with sweat when I did my Zohor. “That’s it.” I told myself. I just needed to go cool off somewhere. Told the girls to get their swim gear, grabbed some snacks on the way out and soon we were off to the pool at Conco*d* Shah Alam for our afternoon splash.

My hectic schedule during the last two weeks has not allowed me to work out in the pool much. As we walked into the hotel, banners of the on going Le Tour De Langkawi were visible all around the premise. These publicity banners and buntings gave the place a festive look and the sight of state of the art race bicycles caught the curiosity of mommy and her girls.

As we checked out the Shimanos from the Schwinns, I disclosed to the girls that I used to ride a similar kind of bike when I was in secondary school. It required me to bend forward to reach out for the handle, just as how they’d see the bikers today. During the afternoons when I had tuition class, I’d ride the bike for a good cycling distance. The challenge wasn’t on the distance but more on the uphill stretch I had to tackle. Berpeluhhh… I rode with all the strength I had while maneuvering the gears and the brakes. Else, the bike would be extremely heavy and it’d be difficult and tiring for me to make it up the hill. If riding up was a killer, going down hill on the way home would be another scary affair. I remember the bike going down so fast, even my palms would get sweaty due to the speed. And how I pressed on the breaks, praying that I’d get home in one piece. But those days at the age of 17, fear wasn’t a factor, and I must say it was quite a thrilling time riding with the wind!!!

The bikes we saw today were obviously more sophisticated than the ones during my time. They are lighter and reels are specially designed to give that superfluous advance during the sprint. My cycling days are long over, but I do know of some friends who are so very into this sport. As ardent biking enthusiasts, some of them have spent a lot on their bikes, ensuring that they have the latest bits and pieces of parts for their two wheeler peddling passion.

After all that story telling about my adventure on the race bike, Nissa gave me a tug and told me, “Err…Mama, do you know that I can’t ride on a bike!!!”

I went like, “You can’t do what?”

“I can’t ride a normal bike yet. Basikal roda tiga boleh lah…”

Oh my God!! How could I have overlooked this? Then she told me, “Mama, actually I’m afraid to ride on a normal bike. Abang dah ajar, but I’m so afraid of falling.”

Ohh… you poor girl. Before we left Conco*d*, I assured Nissa that we’ll do this bike riding thing all over again. Next week we’ll service the three bikes at home, ensure that the wheels and brakes are in good condition, ready for her to go riding. I caught a worried look on her face, but promised her that we’ll take one thing at a time. She smiled and told me that she’ll give it her best shot. Ahhh… that’s my girl :)


Naz said...

You've just reminded me about Emil's bike that need to be replaced too. Thanks ;)
Learning to cycle here is good fun because there are so many roads and so few cars..haha!

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Hotel yang Kay pegi kat Shah Alam, adakah ia berdekatan dgn masjid, kata Pak Malim sambil memakai toncet. Saya suka jugak pi berenang, ooooh, tapi tak nak kot saya basah, kata Pak Malim yg kena belasah. (Dia kena belasah sebab ada yg tak suka dia pakai toncet).

MrsNordin said...

Nadim also doesn't know how to ride a bike yet, and he's 15. Dah give up nak ajar.

I was in Shah Alam on Saturday afternoon. Memang panas giler! Eh, Concorde swimming pool is open to public ke? Boleh pegi macam tu je ke? That's good!

kay_leeda said...

Hi Naz,

Yeah..let's all go cycling :)

I hope it will not be Mommy yang terlebih excited to go cycling. Am checking out arm pads, helmets and other what have yous for Nissa. We Moms, such a fuss kan?

kay_leeda said...

Wahai Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Yes, that the hotel, near the mosque and just by the road side, explains Kay who doesn't like the high tide.

Meh, ramai-ramai kita pi berenang, berendam and sejukkan diri, kata Kay and her girls yang lepas ni tak mau berenang sendiri-sendiri :)

kay_leeda said...


Oooo...lega dengar yang bukanlah Nissa seorang yang dah lewat umoq' and doesn't know how to ride a bike :)

But I think boys will learn faster. Nissa ni penakut skit when it comes to these things.

You gotta be a member to use the gym & water sports facilities in Concorde SA. Not too bad actually, though a small club, pool is maintained well and there is a spa just next to it. Heavennnn...lepas-lepas swim, you surrender your body and have it kneaded by the magic hands of the masseuse :)

Madam Tai Tai said...


This posting reminded me of the time when I learnt to ride the basikal 'jantan' at my kampung. I was in Standard 3 then. Basikal jantan has a palang in the middle btwn the seat and the handlebar. (Basikal betina doesn't have that palang). It wasn't easy as I was shorter than the bike and the palang. Beside falling down hundred of times, I also suffered painfully from asyik terlanggar my groin dgn palang tu. Ouch!

Nissa shouldn't have any problems with the new trendy bicycles currently being sold in the market. Just get the right one for her size.

Bicycling is like driving a car - once you know how to ride a bike, you'll remember it forever.

tireless mom said...

Dear Kay

Alina learnt how to ride a bicycle when she was Std 3 unlike kakak and abang yang atas tu, at 6 years old dah pandai. It is ok nothing to be scared of. Can learn with Alim, he is still on 4 wheeler.

mamasita said...

Kay?? Kesian Nissa.You kena ajar your daughter naik basikal if she wants to.
But dont let her cycle kat your housing area.Kreta banyak tu. Lainlah kalau gi kat taman area or resort place kan?

Kat Kuantan pun weather panas terik.
My daughter yang duduk kat kawasan Ikea tu demam dah a few days.Nampaknya dia kena balik ke Manchester! She is so sensitive to the extra hot weather! ehem ehem!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Tai Tai,

You rode on the "jantan" bike too? I had a pretty good time going round my father's kampung one time on that bike. Such a stunt act kan? Having to selit the kaki under the palang, but it was so much fun!!!

Since Nissa is pretty tall, no problem for her to ride on the kakak and abang's bikes. Cuma penakut and manja tu yg tak larat nak layannnnn at times...

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

I guess with the youngest ni, you'd just have to give in to their whims and fancies. But Nissa is definitely going to get her butt on the bike and cycle away. Tak boleh imagine kalu tak boleh kayuh tak "happening" like that.

I think yr Alim & Nissa lebih kurang same lah. Manjaaaa lebihhhh...

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

The plan for this Saturday is to go to one of the green areas in Shah Alam ni and get Nissa to start riding. Kena lah Mama nyer ni get ready dengan first aid kit bagai. Nissa ni, like I have mentioned earlier...manjaaaa. Not that we manja her, but she sort of "self manja" diri sendiri.

It's still very hot in the Klang Valley. Kids and adults are having a tough time keeping cool. Ader gak yg sekemban kat luar rumah lepas ni kot...LOL!!!