Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lugging my backpack, I walked into the female locker room located next to the 63 meter swimming pool. ABE (then my boyfriend..heh..heh ) had gone to the male room while I hurried to get myself a locker space to store my stuff. It was during one of those boring winter weekends, tired of slogging in the library, we though that it’d be good to head to the pool at the Sports and Recreational centre (SERF) and do some laps.

Unlike the weekends before that, when the pool was quiet, with only a handful of students splashing up and down the swim lanes, this time around, the place was packed with students from a nearby high school. I got to know later that the kids were there for an invitation swim meet organized by the University.

This new sports facility at the SERF was considered the best on campus. During winter, the pool would be heated, leaving swimmers with overwhelming therapeutic felling after the good workout.

On my way into the locker room, I grabbed a towel from the towel counter, changed into my swimsuit and headed straight towards the pool. From where I was standing I could see ABE swimming in the outer lane, giving himself a head start before me. Did some stretching routines and I was in the pool not long after that. Ahh..the water felt good as it warmed the body all over.

Having gone through strict swim regime when I was young, the pool is always a serious place to be. “No hanky panky stuffs, do your laps and, only to rest, if you need to catch your breath,” those were the stern words from my swim sir, Mr. Tan, a stout guy who wouldn’t compromise anything the moment you got into the water.

It was a good swim for us both, the half hour of aqua workout, had been enough to recharge us albeit, the earlier mental exhaustion. It was cold once I was out of the pool. In a jiffy, I grabbed my towel and went straight to the shower. There were loud voices coming from the shower area, followed by sporadic bursts of laughter. It sounded like there was a ball in there, but what I was about to encounter, was never in my wildest dream. It was a sight to behold!! The girls who earlier were working out in the pool, were taking their shower in the open area. And…ooo…la…la tropica, mamamia, papa don’t preach, viola…they were stark naked!!! Kalau beli lottery mau hit jackpot, for sure!!

The innocent and guileless me, just didn’t know where to look. To stare would have been rude, but dalam hati curious jugak nak tengok the anatomy of minah salleh ni. Stealing quick gazes and glimpses in between, I was somewhat amused with the sight of “flesh” running around me. Fidgety they were not, in fact they moved around with so much freedom, doing their usual business in the shower.

Of varied shapes and sizes, different tones and colour spectrum, some tundra like, whilst some shrubbery trimmed, and not forgoing those of the thick Amazon like forestation (LOL), they were ever happy flaunting their assets. Undeniably, that was an “exquisite” intro to my shower room exposure. Free show babe!!!


Kak Teh said...

Kay, this reminds me of the times when I took the children swimming here in a public pool. Th eyoungest boy still had to come with me to the shower room. He didnt know which way to look as everywhere he turned there were lots of naked flesh in all shapes and sizes. I think he is still in trauma now.

zaitgha said...

ha ha ha...Kay,
this bring back my first locker room experience in Houston too, being a cool person since birth i could joined them and shared pleasantries too he he then i told my house mate about my newfound 'freedom' who showed urgghhhh face to me ha ha ha....

i took PE that first semester ...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Wow, tersenget tudung mak aji baca kay punya reminiscences..LOL.. sicne I am (and have never been) a swimmer, tak pernahlah dapat 'jamu mata' as such.. hai, ruginyaaa...!

Kama At-Tarawis said...


Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay,

I joined in the 'let's not be ashamed of our bodies' bandwagon now. I've given up feeling embarrassed stripping down to my birthday suit whenever I enter the changing room at the expat clubs here. To be honest, you are really 'invisible'. No one stares nor care about your naked body. Semua ada boobs (altho different sizes) and hair down there (altho different colors or density).

I pun buat muka selamba derk aje. Tapi kalau ada kawan Malaysians amongst them, I'm sure I will think twice about stripping. :-)

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

The first time was a real "eye opener", didn't quiet know where to look. Such a scene is pretty common in the West kan. People tak kisah, makcik ker, or yang muda belia.

A similar incident happened when I was at a club here. Faris was with me and the mat salleh ladies went tok, tek, tok, tek walking around in their birthday suits. I told him, you have seen mine, benda sama jek, just different presentation..heh..heh.

kay_leeda said...


Did you stay in the dorms? They say in the dorms, this was "a way of life". You hv a point there, why should we be ashamed of our bodies? Anugerah tuhan.

First time, memang pelik, later on..tarak hal dah :)

kay_leeda said...

Kak Puteri,

Jamu jangan tak jamu mata!!! La awat nya sampai herot tudung :)

Kat locker rooms here pun ader gak, selamba badak je amoi-amoi jalan tok, tek, tok, tek :)

Rugi ker?? depends, kalu yang cun okay lah. Kalu yang tidak, kena mandi bunga lepas tu kak oii!!!

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

I wouldn't dare "expose" here!! You'll never know where the hidden cameras are. Silap-silap keluar video yang terlampau :0

It was only during that first privy, mata jadi haru biru sikit. After that, cheh..kita pun join shower at the open area. Actually, come to think of it, the more conscious you are, the more awkward one would look in the shower room :)

ummi365 said...

ha ha ha.. i wonder i would be the same too, as to mana nak letak mata hilarious.

and i read that MTT is jumping on the bandwagon too.. tabik springlah..

tireless mom said...

Dear Kay

Do you know that the naked flesh can also be seen here in one of the gyms locker room in KL? These are Malalaysians you know, not minah salleh who is staying in Malaysia. Tak de rasa apa apa flaunting their assets. Kita pulak jadi terkedu.

Did you swim the lap the length of the swimming pool? Wow, I dont think I can swim long laps as such. Short ones ok lagi.

Laracroft74 said... di situla tempat berdating huhh.... **wink**wink** show babeh!!! but what you have...i also havelaa... shy shy cat to see only...:-))

Waterlily said...

Whatever was it that I wanted to comment earlier is gone the moment I read that 'tundra''re really good with words Kay. And you can describe well too..hahahaaaa..

kay_leeda said...


Memang mata tu tak berkelip menengok!! Siap "excuse me, pardon me" lagi. Tu masa first time lah, once dah byk kali tengok, err...tak laratttt.

Memang tabik spring kat MTT :)

kay_leeda said...


Yah, I know here also got some daring ones. I've not bumped into any "flauntress" in Concor*e SA, but that time when we frequented Holid*y Vi**a, menang aderrr ramai!!!

The long laps, those days before beranak can lah. Now, half that length ok.

kay_leeda said...


Weh...ber-dating seantero campus deh. Dunia kami yang punya..heh..heh!!

Yes, what I have they also have, but, but they have MORE, bukan tahap nasi lemak lorr, dah standard nasi bungkus..LOL.

kay_leeda said...


When you see one too many of 'em, you'd want to make a visual association of "IT". Not that I've been to any tundra areas, but kalu tengok pic dlm buku ilmu alam dulu, lebih kurang serupa lah..heh..heh.

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Ya lah, kita orang Asia, kata Pak Malim sambil memeluk bohsia. Bila tengok orang tak pakai baju dan seluar kita rasa terperanjat dan malu, kata Pak Malim dengan tangan yg berbulu.

p.s Saya agak pemalu, sebab tu sentiasa memakai kot bulu, kata Pak Malim sambil mengunyah kuih bahulu.

mamasita said...

Hai Kay.
Sorry lambat datang.I nak tanya.Swimsuit you sexy tak? Don't care pasal minah2 saleh tu. Hope you made ABE punya mata terjojol!! hehehe
Sure dia tak tidur malam tu.Tidur tak lenanya!

mamasita said...
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kay_leeda said...

Dear Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Kay sokong kata Pak Malim, jaga adat sopan dan tata susila, sambil melihat luar jendela. Terkedu dan tak tau mana nak tuju, itu masa kali pertama, melihat yang tak berbaju. Alah bisa tegal biasa, apabila dah selalu lihat gelagat di locker room, kata Kay yang suka main carom.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Swimsuit sexy?? Heh..heh..tak de lah sexy mana nyer. Those days, weighing 46kg, small framed, flat chested (still am...heh..heh), swimsuit pun kena cari kat GIRLS section ok. Mana nak ader yang plunging neckline, yang rating PG13, ala-ala untuk kanak-kanak ribena banyak lah.

ABE tak leh tido?? Haiya, if you know these engineering guys kan, they'd be sleeping until they cant even wake up for class on the next day lah. Tak de makna nya...heh..heh.