Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super "Supir" Saturday


“Can you manage the girls today? I’m off to Subang now.” Those were ABE’s parting words to me this morning before he left to continue working on his DIY project.

“Ahh..what? Where are you going? I want to….”

Nah…I didn’t get the chance to finish my sentence, let alone negotiate. He was already off. Oh what a bummer, I was up till 4 in the morning doing work and I really wanted to sleep till much later. Not leaving we with any choice, I dragged myself out of bed.


Had fried rice for breakfast, something I very seldom do. Rice in the morning would normally give me the drag, but somehow this morning, I had the premonition that the extra carbo was going to be much required.


Drove Nissa to her art class. She gave me a list of workbooks for me to get from the bookstore. Farah tagged along coz she wanted to get a birthday present for her friend. Five minutes later, Bibik called and reminded us to get food for the cats. Laa..dah habis dah ker?? Bukan ker like baru two days back I just got them their Whiskas.

Dropped off Nissa at her class. Both Farah and I went to a bookshop at SA Mall. We managed to get Nissa’s workbooks but Farah couldn’t find any good paperbacks for the present. She asked if we could go to M*H at SACC Mall, more books to choose in that outlet, plus they were offering discounts for members. Opppss…before that, quick stop at Giant to get food for the kitties.

12.00 noon

Off to SACC Mall and by then the sun has started its assault. It was so, so hot and the slight haze was making the situation worst. Spent a good hour at M*H looking for good books (and to enjoy the coolness of the air cond too!!). I prefer the M*H outlet in S*bang P*rade. Bigger and it carries more topics. But for today, this one in SACC Mall would suffice.

Books we got..the Malay novels for Nissa & VC Andrews is mine.

Deliberated if I should get myself another book. In the end, couldn’t resist VC Andrews latest – Delia’s Crossing. Ohh…bilalah nak baca ni?? Tak pe lah, one of these days, I’ll catch up with my reading. Beli je dulu, nanti baca, as I hope for the opportunity to come by, to go do marathon book reading one of these days.

Before we left SACC Mall, sempat stray away to Big Apple for some donuts. Sparkling new, this latest joint had its ribbon cutting earlier today. One Pak Deputy Minister was there to grace the event. Ramai lah pulak orang gomen, all with smiles on their faces…dapat donut free lah katakan. Told Farah, tak pe lah, we won’t bother with the free ones. Let’s do it the old fashion way, nak merasa, beli sendiri!!! More afdhal that way.

1.00 pm

Picked up Nissa from her art class and headed home. While the girls were having lunch, I managed to nap for a while.

2.30 pm

Sent Nissa for her piano class and dropped off Farah and her friend at the Kopitiam where the birthday party was held. (The Shah Alam affluents celebrate anak-anak’s birthday parties at Pi*zza Hut, N*ndos, Kopitiams and others yang sewaktu dengannya. Told Farah, no way I’m gonna jump into the band wagon. Kita celeb kat rumah je lah, potong cake with the family).

4.00 pm

Picked up Nissa from class and lepak at McD for a while. Mommy and daughter treated each other to sundae and Mc Flurries. Heavennnn….before we headed home.

6.45 pm

My head felt really heavy. Bibik asked if I wanted to pijat (picit) kepala. Bolehhhh bibik, please do what is necessary.

7.15 pm

Merci manja-ing with Nissa

Farah texted asking if I could pick her up. Grabbed car keys and off again. This time Nissa wanted to follow and she asked if we could bring Merci along. I said yes, but if the cat pu-pu or she-she in the car, she’s to answer to her father.

Check out Merci's expressions..she must be thinking, "I must be the luckily one..."

7.45 pm

Got Farah and headed home. ABE was already home and was about to perform his solat. I asked Bibik what’s for dinner. She said, “Ohh..ingatkan Ibuk mau makan diluar.” Okay lah, I did mention to Nissa just now that we may go out for satay later. Obviously, words had gotten around.

8.15 pm

Since ABE was beat with exhaustion, and had like no energy left to go out, I had to go tapau the satay. Left with Farah for our usual satay joint, G*mbira Satay at Seksyen 3, and there was already a queue. Had to wait for a good 30 minutes before our satay was ready. Told Farah to get the nasi lemak kukus too. (Ni betol-betol kemaruk makan dah ni..ahh must be the stress!!)

I stayed in the car as Farah waited for the satay. I jerked as the soft knock came on my windscreen. Another car had pulled next to mine and the guy was asking me to wind down my window. Could be someone asking for directions I figured. My door was locked, so I guess it was safe for me to be talking to these strangers.

There were two young men in the car. One of the guys asked, “Kak, akak nak jual tak kereta ni?” as he looked at my two door coupe.

Huh..say what?? Cakap apa?? Sell the car??

“Errr..tak de lah dik. No intentions what so ever of selling the car.”

“Kenapa tak nak jual?” asked the same guy again.

“Ohh…my son uses the car now.”

“Ooo..iyer ker? Tak pe lah. Cantik kereta ni, kalau nak jual, saya minat nak beli.” He said thanks and drove off, leaving me puzzled over the whole exchange of conversation. Nasib baik he called me “kak”. Had it been “aunty”, sorry lah nak entertain!!!

Finally...the satay!!!

Some whirling day I had today, from staying behind the wheels - morning till evening, to mall hopping and almost doing an auto sale, I hope the last few hours of the day will remain uneventful.

Some day it was, “Super Supir Saturday” – that’s how I have declared it.


Naz said...

Sounds like you've had one helluva start to your weekend..hehe!
I spent the early part of today chasing my kids up and down the hill in the rain :D

Waterlily said...

Wow! My salute to you..having slept at 4am and still had the energy to 'drive around'..salute, salute..

kay_leeda said...


It was hectic yesterday and going to be more hectic today. Will be traveling to Melaka for a wedding.

And, next week will be a lonnnggggg week in the office. Ahhkss..I'm so not looking forward to that.

Oh..the weather has warmed up a bit in yr place? Rain huh and it's gonna be wet. Bet your kids are enjoying every minute of it. Cuti sekolah lah kata kan :)

kay_leeda said...


I'm still sleep deprived. And don't think can catch up in that department either. Have been awake since 6.15. To make thins worst, last night wasn't an early nite.

Zombie (from Shah Alam) I think I'll become today :)

Kak Ezza said...

kay, memenat kan..tapi malam tadi akak tgk kamu online sampai pagi,masih tak tido kaa!!

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

Mlm tadi online dgn anak buah kat office. Thay all ader deadline esok and saya terpaksa lah guide them sedikit sebanyak.

Nak wat camnoo.....
Berkorban apa sajaaaaaa

mamasita said...

What a full2 day! Do you go through such similar days often? Kuat bateri you! hahaha

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Mmmmm, sedapnya tengok gambar satay itu, kata Pak Malim sambil menggaru kutu. Tumpang tanya, Manis dan anak2, ada tak beri Kay hadiah harijadi, kata Pak Malim sambil memegang penyapu lidi. Merci nampak begitu bahagia, kata Pak Malim sambil menuju ke Hospital Bahagia.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

acu check kot-kot bibik makan the cats' whiskas in her free time... hehehehehehe, acah je.

waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Merci so cuuuuteeee!!!!!! geram geram geram

Laracroft74 said...

waduh..waduh..waduh...kasihan sama ibuk supir...tak bagi chance langsung nak berhibernate on saturday...
btw, where did you send Nisa for ART class..farhana really loves to do ART..i know there's one in
Sect 9 - Seri Cahaya..
best ke satay tu.. ada macam Samuri? do you know there's satay ria in Risda building next to Concorde. havent tried yet..

Madam Tai Tai said...


Ada minum 'Red Bull' tak?

tireless mom said...

Dear Kay

Takpe. A highly paid Supir. Saturday got overtime pay or not? Must claim one!

bella said...

Kak Kay,
Habis baca jer, I said ouff...hehehe....macam ikut sama Kak Kay ke sini ke sana...btw, kereta apa tue, mesti one lovely car, sampai ada org berani tegur...

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Masa dok lari sini sana tu battery kuat lah. Two or three days after that, tgk lah ..sure flat one.

No nak pi cari jumper cable nih...bagi charge full..hah..hah..

kay_leeda said...

Dear Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Joms Kay belanja Pak Malim makan satay, sambil bersembang dengan Pak Tokay.

On the birtday present, uhuk.uhuk..unfortunately none from the kitties and also none from Bapak kitties yet. They said they don't know what to give me coz I already have a lot of things.

Sorry lah, this reply ...I just couldn't make it to rhyme. Sekali-sekali tak pe lah eh Pak Malim :)

kay_leeda said...


Tu lah pasal...nak pi check gak Bibik ni..kot-kot lah dia ingat kan Whiskas tu, leh buat Alphabet Soup ka..haru akak kau nih!!

I have 3 more besides Merci. Pelan-pelan ah..nanti itu pictures kasik kluar :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Lara,

Tu lah Pak Supir ku ittew...dia membikin project nyer pulak last Saturday.

Nissa goes to one centre in Seksyen 9. It's called IVY arts & crafts, on the top most floor at one of the shop lots kat Secret Recipe tu. Sama floor dengan Dentist Sharina and next to Baker's Cottage. ( habih ke tempat si IVY nih!!! Satu blogland tau dah dia kat mana...heh..heh)

Satay Gembira..ok lah. I like. Cant quite compare with Samuri's coz I jarang pi Samuri la plak :)

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Red Bull? Somehow I don't dare take these energy drinks. People say it has a lot of sugar. I just have to rely on my vitamins. Tu yg at times pancit jugak tu...

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

Ohh..must claim one ah?? Thanks for reminding me. Boleh jugak guna for retail therapy later...ummp..GGOOD IDEA!!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Bella,

Heh..heh..this was just another obligatory Mom & Daughters day out. Penat nak layan kerenak they

Kete apa?? Heh..heh..old junk lah...nanti esok-esok I cerita kat blog yah :)


wanshana said...


Are you sure you're not leading MY life?! Hehehe! Macam serupa ajer routine kita. Saturdays - memang killer days for me! But I enjoy the time spent in the car with the kids :)

Anonymous said...


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Mayestic too, tapi it depends lah
for some ppl ok for some no, i get
my clothes tailored there too.
i was going thro yr other blog, the
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Mayestik ada jual, siap dengan batu-batu crystal and macam2 laces lah. It you are coming down to jakarta, let me know, can show you around mayestik, tak pandai sangat lah. my email:


kay_leeda said...

Dear Inderjeet,

Thank you so much for yr info. Heh..heh..better do all the clarifying in my blog lah kan..kalu tak nanti congested pulak Bella's space :)

Ayoo... yr description of Mayestic, so memanggil lah. I'm heading that way in April. macam jump the gun pulak dah ni. Habis lah..kalu bosses baca blog comments, tau that a retail therapy is on the way!!

Shyyy...I'll email you info yah. Thanks so much dear. You are a great help and a definite spirit uplighter (during times when work melimpah-limpah ini!!)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Wanshana,

Well, I hope the kids will remember lah later on the things we did for them. Little rest, and terkejar-kejar kat they all.

When they were young it was so lug them around. Now that they are bigger, haiyoo...nak get them in the car..what a drag. Nak wait for them to get ready...satu hal.

Ummi365 said...

Adoi,... i baca pun penat.. let alone doing it.. behind the wheel some more.. wei penat wo.. at least you ada jugak.. i ni sorang2.. no choice mah..

tireless mom said...


Please drop by. Collect your award at my blog ok.