Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiada Tiga Kata

When you notice a colleague's BB status with disturbing lines, you can't help but wonder about what was going on. Just before Raya, she had this as her status – HELL Raya. And then two days ago, she changed it to this – Too Much Hatred. Early yesterday, these two words appeared on her profile status – Nervous Breakdown.

I normally do not like to interfere with things like these. But as a close friend, I felt I should check on how she was doing. And I did.....and the story wasn't pleasant.

Dee (not her real name) was a colleague from my previous work place. When I left, she was the one who took over my responsibilities. Her diligence, strong and yet pleasant personality had help pushed her to the position where she is right now in the company. Obviously with the more money she brings home, she had more responsibilities to look into.

Dee's reply to my BBM last night didn't come in right away. I assumed she was okay and there was nothing very alarming with what I saw on her BB status. Again, I was wrong.

A call came in about an hour later and it was Dee on the other line. She was gasping for air and I could hardly hear her. Her usual happy voice was no longer distinct and all I heard was her in between sobs saying “It's over...”

I had suspected it was matters of the heart that is bugging her. Unfortunately, I guessed it right this time.

“Is it Raz?” I asked her. And she replied, “Yes.”

I questioned her, “He left?”

“Yes....he's gone. He left the house a while ago. And he took his stuff with him too.” said Dee.

“Perhaps he's off for work out station?" I probed further.

“No....he's really, really gone this time. He told me so.” said Dee in between sobs.

I paused for a while. Didn't know what to think and how to react. Dee wasn't the first of my friends whose marriage has succumbed to a no-go-grid-lock. Last December a school mate lost her husband for 25 years to a younger woman. Sigh....

There wasn't much I could offer Dee since it was already late. I promised her to meet up with her later today. It's so sad to see a once happy family falling apart.

What's becoming of us......double sigh......

Mungkinkah kerna kita dah terlalu selesa
Keintiman seolah semakin hambar
Dari gerak gaya
Hingga ke tutur kata
Tak menggambarkan cinta


the principal said...

last Wed, a friend called nak dkt maghrib telling me her hubby buat perangai for the 4th time & this time worst sbb dgn anak dara tua, 3 years older than him, satu off, tiap2 hari hantar bunga, some more confessed to the wife, he's happier now. So sickening

i pray dittpkan hati shahrul

kay_leeda said...

Madam Principal,

Tough these days...if u don't compete with another woman, luck may have it that you may compete with a guy too!

This happened to a friend. And we are so baffled!

Ariffin Mamat said...

hmmm...pasti ada yg tak kena. If not with him, it is with her, or it could be with both.
It is better to go separate ways, than to live under one roof but not together anymore. Cerai itu halal - walaupun amat di benci Allah.