Monday, September 12, 2011


Kids are the happiest at Raya - always. They get to meet up, play, sleep, eat together and the occasional sibling fights don't bother them much. Year in year out, I'm glad we still have the youngins running around, bemusing us at Raya. But this won't be long till they catch up with gadgets whatnots and soon forget about their creative play.

Kidnapping in progress - "guns" included

Kidnappers on the loose

Emergency call....ambulance drivers and "doctors" on call

The duo whose ambitions are scientist and egyptologist - treating the poor boy who was down with measles.

Duhh....this must have been a real crisis....

Let's see what happens when we dress up lil cousin....

Oopsss...wardrobe failure!!

The imaginative stock, buy, buy!!

Lipton ice tea advert...take 21!

Roll the camera.....

We are tired...let's see if the iPad allows us to order pizza

"Don't I simply love raya??" must be on his mind

I love you bro so let me help u with your baju....

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mamasita said...

hehehe..Great comical, candid snapshots!
Absolutely them!!

tireless mom said...

the one Ammar mengancing butang baju Umair is really cute!