Monday, September 5, 2011

Post Holiday Blues

As always, it was a scram this morning; but there was a bit more chaos than usual. My parking card was missing, the shoes was not in the car, Nissa's hair clip was no where on the dressing table, her school tie was still loose and flimsy. The last blow was, after I had locked the doors, I realised that my BB was left on the bed. to survive the day without BB??? That left me with no choice but to unlock the doors and enter the house again to get my BB. A good 5 minutes delay that was. Thank God there was gas in the car. Else I would have screamed my lungs and this angry bird would have started tweeting in caps and bold to someone's BB.

Hence, everything spelt s.t.r.e.s.s - sprinkled with Monday blues, equating to zero tolerance level.

The drive to work was however a bliss. Roads were still clear and parking was empty too. I hesitated for a couple of seconds in the lift – trying to recall which floor I was to get out at. Ever since the move to this new office, the pressing of the number in the lift is no longer automatic (ummppp...I just wonder why is that so?)

As expected the office is still empty; many are still on extended Raya leave with the majority only returning to work on Wednesday. long leave ka?? I had wanted to say my peace about my staff taking long raya leave, but I took a step back and thought again and finally I decided to just let it be. I may not have the need to balik kampung over such a long stretch (like some of them do) as kampung is only 45 mins drive from my base and balik kampung is just mild effort after all for me. But others whose kampungs are so far away, they may want to spend a longer time with the family. Noted on that.

But a while ago, after going through the emails, I thought again - perhaps, perhaps I should have relook at resource allocation again. Too late now, anyway.

Suddenly a cacophony of lines from P.Ramlee's movie came clattering, “Aikkk marah??? Kalau marah nanti kena jual.....”

So boss ni marah?? Takkkkk tak marahhhh......cuti laaaa...tak pe cuti laaaa.....

Tak pe lah since staff cuti, boss kerja lahh (sekuat-kuat hati....)


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Since staff semua cuti, boss update blog-lah! har har har...ooops..purr meow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

Boss pun nak rest jugak maaa ;)