Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Star Online: Long queue to buy Apple’s wonder tablet


Hundreds of buyers queued up for hours for the launch of the Apple iPad at the Mid Valley Megamall yesterday.

They arrived as early as 8am before the official launch at 10am, so as to be among the first to buy the tablet in Malaysia.

Many employees were deployed to maintain order as long queues formed outside Apple's authorised reseller, Machines, at the mall here.

The iPad is designed to browse the web, read email, listen to music, browse photo albums, watch videos and read eBooks.
Eager beavers: There was a huge crowd at the launching of the Apple iPad at the Mid Valley Megamall in KL yesterday.

It features a large 24.6cm LED-backlit multi-touch screen and allows users to navigate through the Internet easily with specially programmed applications.

First in line was Kelvin Goh, 30, who took half a day off and rushed from his office after reading of the launch in The Star yesterday.

"I do not mind waiting as long as I get the iPad today. It is a Christmas present for a friend," said Kelvin who was initially supposed to go to Singapore to get the product.

Lecturer Mayudia Mohtar, 30, laughed hysterically after unwrapping the box containing her new iPad.

She said she had "run away" from work for fear that the stock of iPad would run out if she waited until after office hours.

Retired worker Lee Kian Toon, 55, however said the price of the iPad was a little too high.

"I have to admit it is a very good product but mass production should be able to bring the price down in the future," said Lee.

Communications officer Nataskia van Dam, 26, from the Netherlands. found the iPad very intuitive.

"Even my mum can use it. This is a Christmas present for my mum from my dad. She is going to love this one as she can read books on it," said Nataskia, who is visiting her family in Malaysia.

Mark Mcqueen, 46, said he could now use the iPad during flights.

"A 17-inch screen is just too big for me, especially in the airplane,"

"However, my wife is a bigger Apple fan and she is waiting at home to confiscate the iPad," said Mcqueen.

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My comment:

Queue? There was none when I got mine yesterday!
People must have not known that there is an Apple outlet - Machine in Sunway Pyramid.

But of course, I was there much, much earlier...he he he :)


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
We've had the iPad for ages over here. Oh, it's cheaper than Malaysian prices too, despite the atrocious exchange rate. purrrr....meow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

Yes I know. Infact Faris was just about to ask his friend who is in Melbourne to get one for him. But now Mommy beat him to it..he he.

A friend of ours was already carrying one way, way back in April this year I think. Of course he got it right after Abang Steve Jobs launched it in the States.

Kesian we all kat Mal ni kan....

Mama Huptihup said...

ni yg buat i nak check harga ipad kat sini nih...

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mama Huptihup,

Apa lagi tungguuuuu...check aja sekarang. Paling tidak kalu malas nak keluar di sebabkan salji tebal, check online je. Delivery to the doorstep :)

KG said...

wahhh!!!!ada bagus, best ka itu new toy?