Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Request

Pat Benatar, Joan Jett or Ella? Who do I go as? And how would my attire look like?

That's the big question playing on our minds now ;)

Alahhh...bukan apa nya. It's our annual dinner coming up soon. Theme this time around is R.O.C.K with STARS. Who's gonna be rockin' - we shall wait and see. The STARS?? Ohh...we all are; some 800 plus employees of the company, such bright stars shinning..he he perasan nya lah kan!

We spent our last hour at work today, joking about how we are going to dress on the dinner night. Ada yang kata nak pakai old pair of jeans - yang dah faded, with a big tear on the knee. Ada yang wanting to come with leather jackets and boots. Wah...what an effort. Tak boleh jadi ni....I got to put some thoughts on what I shall have on me too. Maybe I'll get Farah to Google something suitable for Mommy's ensemble.

Specific requirements would be "cari yang depict rock suci" boleh? Wah....ni dah boleh buat ala-ala project runway ni! We shall see what the outcome is going to look like. Tunggguuuuu.........

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Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Go as Gene Simmons! Pakai topeng and wig ala- ala KISS so nobody recognises you. purrrr....meow!

Pi Bani said...

Yo Kay! Wa ingat lu kalau mau jadi minah rawk kena pinjam baju Ella la beb! Eh, tapi wa ingat lu tak muat la pakai baju Ella... ahaks!

Apa-apa pun, WA CAYA LU BEB!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear CatIS,

Yeahhh Yeahhh...peace bebeh!!

I'd also be needing a make up artist to do up my face, don't you think so Angie? Awww...me dun want to frighten me catzz lorr.

Tapi cadangan anda akan diberi pertimbangan *ala-ala phone message opis gomen*

kay_leeda said...

Cik Pi Bani,

Lu pe citer babe?? Wa okay pe, dulu-dulu wa pun dress macam Ella gaks. Okay pe.... Wa swing-swing rambut wa on stage...ahakss :P

Wa rasa kan...Ella dah ader rawk costume yg plus size la babe. Coz dia pun dah solid molid gakss..

But if susah-susah wa gi macam gi Camp Rock je lah....