Friday, December 3, 2010

Fry Day

It's Friday today. Everyone loves Friday, yes? The weekend upcoming celebrative feeling is obvious in each corner of the office. Everyone is elated, nak-nak kalau awal bulan masa bank account masih cantik. Semuanya hati berbunga-bunga planning activities for the Saturday and Sunday.

For some of us, on Fridays we enjoy that bit of little luxury at work – a longer lunch break. Longer break means the opportunity to go grab quick lunch, followed by some stress reliever activities at fave malls or outlets afterwards. And this quickie RT works like magic; trust me, coz' some two hours later one would see all smiling faces jay walking back to their work stations. Someone once told me that on Fridays you could even see kakak-kakak from Putrajaya thronging Nilai 3. Macam-macamlah yang boleh membantu jiwa kacau jadi reda agaknya ada di sana.

I guess for ladies who work in the city, Friday lunch break RT is fun. In that 2 hour 45 mins there are many outlets to go check out – dari KLCC to GE Mall to the everyone's shoppers paradise – Jalan TAR.

Tapi itu cerita kakak-kakak and adik-adik yang work in the city lah kan. Bagi yang work in the city outskirt (like me…like me!!!) tak de lah hebat gitu. Oh yes there are malls within a few minutes drive to go check out. But the thought of having to drive out, then fussing for a parking space and bad luck may just strike – a traffic crawl back to the office!! Urgghhh…stress yang tak pasal-pasal. And then masuk office terpaksa buat muka sedih lalu depan boss.

Kalau tunjuk muka dua puluh sen tu menjadi tak pe lah. Buat nya tak menjadi harus Friday bertukar menjadi Fry Day (as Pi Bani puts it my FB comments)

Sufferin' succotash!!! Ohhh….tidakkkkkk!!!

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Cat-in-Sydney said...

And has Sylvester got to do with a Fry Day? Any puttytat involved? purrrr....meow!

Ummi365 said...

chheeehhhh.. yang paling best dalam entry ni is "Sent from my iPad" .. kita suker...