Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Music

My iPod is shoved into my drawer and buried under the piles of work. It's not like I have forgotten about it, just that I have not been listening to music from it much. You know those of Ms Knowles, Mr Pitbull, Mr Usher - songs my children have religiously downloaded for Mommy. As they too share Mommy's iPod like all the time, it is no surprise you don't find Jamal Abdillah, Man at Work or Chicago and the rest of the 80s gang in any of the playlists.

Trust me, their songs can put you to so much embarrassment. There's just so much to read between the lines, there's just too much tuttt...tuttt....tuttt!!!

Oh yes, I do have my concerns when the nine year old innocent sista goes round the house humming a line of JustinB's - You Smile which sounds like this "you smile I smile.....whoaah....cause whenever..... you smile I smile.... hey, hey hey.... your biggest weakness..."

Ohhh...tak dak nak terpengsan ke Mommy??

Anyway, this Mommy has had her equal share of stress that came in different tunes of various octaves. And this Mommy wants to go take a break (like really bad...).

It's Christmas eve and tomorrow our Christian friends will be celebrating Christmas. Like always Christmas brings back fond memories of those crispy cold days when the daily highs lingered around 20 - 25degF. On midday, scattered flurries would make the surroundings glistering white, giving that magical feeling of festive joy. And when night came more snow would fall, enough to cause anxiety over travel advisory and road closures.

Those were the days; the good old days in the cold, cold Mid West. Unfortunately, we are not heading to any cold country this holidays (would love to go golek-golek in the snow for a change....sigh).

Closer to home, looks like it's going to be a wet, wet Christmas. I see dark clouds looming out my window now and just like yesterday and the day before, the sky is going to cry. Little rain is fine with me, just nice to make it less hot and humid for our travel.

Yes, I'll be off from work for a few days. Kenapa? Tak percaya? Will be traveling south again this Christmas. The plan is to drive down to JB and spend a night there before we cross into Singapore on Boxing Day. We'll see lah how things go, playing it by the ear this time.

Maybe we'll do some shopping, maybe we'll set out bird watching (huhhh...biar betul??) Eat , rest, sleep - that we must do and being with the family definitely makes the holiday special :)

This is what Mommy calls music to the ears!! Can it be in my Xmas list (err...playlist) please??

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!!

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Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
South where? Not Down Under though. purrr...meow!