Friday, November 6, 2009

What a Lunch!!

Edgy was the feeling in me when I saw my watch ticking towards midday. Janji nak jemput Kak Ezza and Desert Rose at the Subang Jaya commuter station around noon. I'm gonna be late, and goshhh....I hate making people wait. Very quickly I called Desert Rose to inform I've just left the office and I would be there in a little while.

Today's event was something we have been looking forward to all week. Yesss....Datin Mamasita had asked us to have lunch with her at TV3. Datin has been coming down to KL for the last two weeks for her Pahang Art Exhibition show. Isshhhh rezeki kan, tak kan nak tolak.

Mamasita's camera yang memory card nya came later

When we arrived at Sri Pentas, Mamasita was already there with two pretty ladies, NanDJ and Zendra. Uhh..segan pulak rasanya bila jumpa power bloggers ni. After the salam-salam & kiss kiss, Mamasita told us to go get our food. Haa..part yang ni yang best coz the food spread at TV3 cafeteria was ........ (boleh tergolek drooling!!) You all bayangkan lah sendiri, the ikan patin, ikan bakar, gulai perut with nangka (unfortunately, nangka is my enemy # I stayed away from it) and other mouth watering lauk pauk. There was a good spread of dessert too. Mamasita went for the tapai pulut as I controlled all temptations, reserving myself for that special sweet treat Mamasita had brought with her.

Seronok bercerita round the table as we ate. Not long after that Kak Puteri Kama joined us. Makan lagi dan cerita lagi topics of all sorts. Then it was time to celebrate. Yours truly slipped away from the table with a red box in her hand. Got the cafe lady to arrange candles on the cake and then light it up. I then carried the cake to our table.

You sure you didn't know what us girls were up to eh?

Mula-mula when Kak Puteri saw the cake, she looked so puzzled. Birthday siapa kah today, well that's how I read the expressions on her face. Surpriseeeee....the cake was for you lah Kak Puteri, with lots of lurve from Mamasita (and the rest of us too).We sure got heads turning when we sang that melodious birthday tune.

Apalagi...cake time and it was creamy cheese cake from SR!! Diet out the window please....just indulge, work out and worry later.

It was a good meet today. Unfortunately the few of us (me, DR & Edelweiss) who work had to return to our respective workstations. Rasa tak cukup time to borak-borak tadi.............but it was all worth it. Good lunch with such GREAT company :)

NanaDJ, Zendra & Desert Rose

Orang kuat....Kak Puteri, Mynn Edelweiss & Kak Ezza yang selamba dan cool

Happy faces upon being fed by Mamasita..heh..heh.
Thank you Datin for the lovely lunch.

These beautiful ladies were....ehem...contestants bagi program "Gadis Melayu" yang confirm akan menang tanpa bertanding :)


tireless mom said...

I bet the TV3 people were wondering what the havoc was, not to mention drooling for this sort of camaraderie. It must be a special and sweet ending for Mamasita, with lovely frens celabrating the curtains down.

Naz said...

Thanks for the pictures :)
Esok masuk WHI tau....tungguuuuuuuu!

mamasita said...

Ahhhhh took a photo of my camera yang duduk tersadai with no memory card inside???? hahahahaha

Yessssirrreee..we were all the ravishing TV3 girls yesterday and like Cinderella, we had to go home when the time came.Sighhh!

Thank you ever very much for coming despite being super busy at the office!

I love you all!

NanaDJ said...

We did have a good time didn't we? Pity you have to go back to work. Fancy taking a photo of Mamasita's camera, its so funny!
Hope to see you soon - Puteri plan to have a karokae session, not that I can sing but it would be nice to be together again. It will keep this grandma young.

zaitgha said...

Seronok nyer....wish i was there...

Zendra said...

Hey Kay, kelakarnya you took a pic of mamasita's camera with the mengancam lens. I was worried she'd zoom into my freckles - lucky it was suffering from amnesia - no memory-card hahaha!

See you around - maybe we should do lunch at USJ7 food-court sometime. The makcik there serves a mean ikan patin masak tempoyak *wink*

Glad to have met you all.

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

The looks on both parties - TV3 folks and us were equally puzzling. We were making out who's who of the celeb line up and they were probably making guesses Datins dari mana lah we all ni.

For anything that keeps me away from the office, I wouldn't miss it for the world!!

kay_leeda said...


WHI je? Majalah MIDI pun lepas ni sibuk cari we all kot :D

Tapi sian DR & Mynn, they truly don't belong in this warga e-m-a-s category lah. But they were such a good spot!! Cayang they all :D

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Heh..heh...gotcha, err yr camera I mean. Camera mahal tu, so kena lah show it off!!

Guess you were right, some of us were Cinderellas at day time yang ader curfew at the office. But, tetap enjoy lah kan, regardless of the limited time.

kay_leeda said...

Dear NanaDJ,

You know what, I'm glad this time around I got to sit next to you and finally got my question about the "DJ" thingy answered. You are such a gem and a cool GrandMama too :)

Err the camera?? Heh..heh...saja je nak tease our Datin Dearest. Checkout the zoom lense, isshhh dah lama I dok idamkan nya :)

Kak Puteri's do...count me in..yezzzaaa!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zai,

Next time kita buat planning awal-awal ok. Sure lagi gempaq with you in the line up.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zendra,

It was good meeting you too. Like the rest, I've seen your comments at Kak Puteri & Kak Teh's, and now baru bertemu muka, I am so elated.

I am also afraid of those tele lenses. They'd capture all those "interesting" features on you (ehem...if you know what I mean)

Oh there's ikan patin at USJ7?? Yes..we must try that out.

Kama said...

Hehehe.. when I saw you walking towards us with a cake penuh dengan lighted candles, and disambut dengan chorus "happy birthday to you", termangu2 jugak I.. surprise untuk b'day sapa lak ni because mine was over 10 hari dah..

tq so much ladies for making my day.. insyaallah, we'll hv a karaoke session in my house soon enough (psst, petang ni nak gi cari new speakers beb! semangat giteww!)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
I thought I saw the shadow of a cat lurking in that last pix? Jealous! Did you try the putu mayam too? yummm...

edelweiss said...

Kak Kay..

masa i nak balik tuh, tetiba ada org TV tegur...heheh senior kat kolej. Dia tanya dalam loghat Penang "wei apa hang buat kat sini??" i cakap lah lunch. tau apa dia kata? "hang lunch dengan bloggers & datin tuh ka?" kekekkekkekekke

memang betoi masa kita dok bergambaq sakan tuh...banyak mata dok pandang...maklumlah kiuta semu nih lawa-2 kekekekek