Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday...Sunday..Happy Day!!

Theme song of popular 80s sitcom "Happy Days" is sung in following manner.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Rockin all week with you.

My version, however would have only one day as my happy day - Sunday. The other days are work days, where got fun one!! Even my Saturdays are not free from doing work. There's always spill over from Friday's tedious undertaking that needed quick attention. Well..that's life in the fast lane. Like the saying goes, tak berani bermain ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai, iyer tak?

Today was not supposed to be very much of an eventful day. My plan was to do my routine visit to the market, cook and then rest. There was this naughty thought of doing RT. But didn't quite fancy the idea of going to KLCC to do repeat visit of that "something" I discovered last week. It's school holidays and the place was going to be so jammed packed. Dah masuk alam senior citizen ni...malas nak berebut parking and berlaga-laga bahu kat malls dah. Buat panas hati je nanti... So tak jadi lah berRT nampak nya.

Furry....doting Mom, even with the stomach flu

When I returned from the market, Nissa ran out to get me, causing panic yang tak terkata, telling me that Furry is lifeless!! Duh...kucing lagi?? She demanded that we took Furry to see the vet immediately. That was sometime around noon and the vet place was not opened till 2.00pm. I went and checked on Furry, and yes, she did look rather unwell. Hujan orang dalam pantang kan...ade lah something yang tak kena agaknya tu.

Anyway, I thought of having my throw-all-in-spaghetti (macam-macam ada...meat, seafood, vege et all) for lunch. Then came visuals of creamy baked potatoes. Ishhh kucing yang dalam pantang, Mommy kucing pulak yang beriya-iya nak makan. Out the window went my four years in a row new year resolution; the all time favourite "nak lose weight" pledge. Five more weeks to the new year, what the heck, next year, it'll be the same resolution again..sigh.

I have stuffs for spaghetti, but didn't have the right potatoes to bake. I know they have those washed white ones in Te*co. So kena lari kejap la pulak ke situ. Told the girls, since I'm going out, might as well bring Furry along to see the vet.

The girls took Furry to see the vet while I waited in the car. Banyak pulak cats who were sick today, so the girls had to wait quite a while for Furry's turn. Obviously lunch was a very late one today. Nasib baik, breakfast was late, other wise sure kelaparan orang yang berada at home.

Crowd at Ike* today...ramai but still manageable

After that hefty lunch, I told Abe that we should go out, or else we'd surely doze off in no time, nak-nak in this gloomy weather. He asked where to and I answered "Ike*". I knew I won't go wrong with that place coz' there are lots of DIY stuffs that he could find there.

One of the compulsory stops - the lights department

Then off to have a look at the picture frames...
In serious discussion with Farah...which one to get, I supposed.

Yang ni...asyik suruh snap her pics every corner she went

Ohh...who does this bottle belong to? Mommy nye must be terlalu concentrate shopping...bottle pun boleh terselit kat picture frames!!

So menjadi jugak lah RT...walaupun not the RT that I wanted. That's okay....there's always that Christmas shopping...manalah tau I could get lucky again in two, three weeks time :)


Naz said...

May I suggest you listen to the Bangles' Manic Monday? LOL

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Is Mummy Furry OK now? Cian dia! purrr....meow!

Chahya said...

Mummy Furry kena pakai bengkung and pupur kot... tengah bentan la tu.

I kalau kat Ik*a boleh membelek berjam-jam!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hello Puan Kay,

Happy Days r only for kids with no bills to worry about.

Facts of life;
Saturday, Sunday:- Recharge days
Monday, Tuesday, ok then comes WTF!!!

Wish u a happy week :))


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Kay, you made the right decision not to go to KLCC yesterday. It was packed with people, esp kat Isetan. Sale dah start..

Aida said...


We were at IKEA too. I took my kids there to run around. We were there as soon as the place opened hehehehe. but left just as the crowd drew in for lunch.

Record last week, gi IKEA 2 times in the week. Semua cos hubby tak balik.

Hopefully Furry on the road to recovery.

busymum100 said...

The "Happy Days" song is my ringing tone! Bukan yg you dengar bila you call me, but the one that I dengar whenever someone calls my number. I just love the song! And love the series too. The character that I love the most is Mrs C. I always wish I can be as systematic, and cool as her!

Nissa is so cute at the Ike* place! She looks grown up too.

Semlm I pun gi RT, cari lampu, tp ramai nyer org, we ended up dapat lampu utk bilik anak dara besar i je. The rest kena gi beli after raya, and ON A WEEKDAY!

Tu vet kat mana? Kat Sek.13 ke? Kucing2 yg anak i pungut, mmg dah byk habis duit kami kat vet tu. Ada yg kena surgery dekat RM400. Lepas tu, bila tak larat sb asyik biak je, kami gi kasikan kuching tu, kena a few RM100 lagi! Now ada sekor je yg lekat kat rumah..

kay_leeda said...

Dear Naz,

Yes indeed it was Manic Monday today, with or without song as a reminder. Think is gonna be Manic Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday :)

Nasib baik Friday is a public holiday here!!! Yezzaaa...choti!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,

Mummy Furry's recovery is rather slow. Tak mau makan ubat that girl. Hep...nak kena babap kot...grrr.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Chahya,

Tu lah...tak tau how cats are supposed to berpantang. Ingatkan macam I je pantang....belasah apa saja...LOL.

You an Ike* fan too? Yeahh...lepas ni can do MB meet kat Ike* lah. But must do in week days. ramai people.

kay_leeda said...

Dear MadamTTNM,

KLCC is always packed during school hols. I knew about Isetan sale coz they sent fliers to the house. Eee...that's why tak berani go, "damage" is most definitely to happen.

kay_leeda said...


Oh you were? And twice last week? Woo...your children must really like the kiddy playground there. One thing good about that place is that they take full charge when you send kids there. Senang lah nak shopping kan..heh..heh.

Furry is doing okay for now. We hope she has a speedy recovery too. Tak seronok bila kucing under the weather ni :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Tommy,

Yar lorr as kids we didn't have to worry about anything. It was school, and then makan and later in the afternoon we go play teng-teng or galah panjang :)

At least you got the weekend to rest. Mine came and gone without me realising it. Ohh I like your "WTF". We speak the same lingo, my friend.

Thanks for dropping by at Sembang. We chat lagi next time okay :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Busymom101,

I liked the Fonz, such a cool dude, that guy!! And yes MrsC is super cool too.

If you ever get tired of Ikea, try the lights shop around Damansara Perdana. Contemporary design and priced pretty reasonable too.

Nissa looks like she's grown up? Yeah..she's only 8 but I guess it's the Hanna Montana & HCM influence that our kids are growing faster that we could imagine.

Yes, it was the vet in Sek 13. I always take them to a pet shop in Sek 9. Slightly cheaper, but must make appointment coz vet dia di datangkan khas!! Dolu-dolu ..mana mak-mak kita sibuk nak send pets to vets. But somehow when they fall sick, they recover on their own. No need makan ubat segala....

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Kay,

Glad v r on same wavelength, nowadays with so much emphasis on politically correctness, I’m liable to get in trouble (quite often, I wud say), so must thread life very2 carefully at all times....hahaha.

Since u r ok with my idiosyncrasy, can I ask u a question re: Cat {as in your Furry}.

I know curiosity kills the cat but there’s this one burning question that bugs me. U know how cats lick themselves clean? Each time I happened to stumble on them licking their ‘private’ areas in one of their not so graceful 'relax'pose, they would stopped & stare at me with this strange look, why huh??? Have u experienced that b4? What do u think they are trying to tell me or u for that matter? I’m sure all cat lovers out there know the right answer.


kay_leeda said...

Dear Tommy,

Sorry sir, couldn't get back to you earlier. Was nursing a terrible headache.

Wahhh got cat trivia question for me lagi ka?

Now, now...did you go stare at a female feline or the male hunk? If it was the lady, are no gentleman lah. Didn't they say it's rude to stare at people (err in this case cats!)

If it was a hunk, haiya...he may hv gotten the wrong message from you!! Especially when the partner is around.

Having said all that, yes, I do
get funny looks from my cats when I am caught lurking at them in "action". Nowadays, I don't bother looking anymore, seen it too often :D