Monday, November 30, 2009

Post "Pesta" Workout

It was a good break. The eating was even better. My festive cooking and merry eating started from Thursday, a day before Eid. the guilty feeling has set in.

Was channel hopping late last night when having difficulties to doze off. Stumbled upon this P.Ramlee movie, a definite old time favourite.

Nampak nya kena buat workout ala-ala A Go Go & Twist Pak Maon lepas ni...


zaitgha said...

but i lagi minat pak maon punya partner move.....until now i wonder how they did that ha ha ha and yes mam....since thursday it was and eat.....

Zendra said...

KAHKAHKAH masa tu kalau ikut tahun yang tertera i was pre muda-mudi lagi but I remember twisting and a-go-going at school parties.

Yes must do, good for waist-line too!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Kay, that's how we ride pillion driver on our Raleigh bicycle in those day.If girl passenger, then she can sit sideway on the cross bar.

Ahh the good old twist & shout, I bet Zendra was one of those giggling schoolgirl at the above mentioned 'parties' that group together in their own comfort zone, twisting & a-go-going amongst themselves type :)

I supposed it's a truly Malaysian custom to eat3, makan3, Chiak3, Sek pao meh?...hahaha


Hafizah said...

It was great to *bump* into you this way. I enjoy reading your blog. I did the KT and Butterworth assignment under your supervision.
P.S. Do you remember me?

kay_leeda said...

Oh Zai...yes, Pak Maon's partner can sure shake! It's a wonder how she does it so well kan :)

I'm still eating daaa....daging korban penuh dalam freezer.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zendra,

You a-go-going, this a MUST see!
We used to have Grease & Saturday Nite Fever steps during our school parties. Tergeliat otot-otot shooting stars like John Travolta :)

I still have not started on any twistin' moves, yikes...and the eating is still berleluasa. But then, rezeki jangan ditolakkan :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Tommy,

Hai was sik-faan gala last weekend. We sure like to makan, yes?

You had a Raleigh bike too? I remember riding the one which belonged to my late Grandfather. Had to put one of my legs under the cross bar to reach for the other pedal. It felt really great being able to ride a "guy" bike that time.

Zendra on the dance floor doing the twist & a-go-go, heh..heh...must get her to show the moves next time we meet :)

kay_leeda said...

Salams Hafizah.

Of course I still remember you!! So how have you been? Are you back home?

Glad you dropped by, do come again. Keep in touch ok. My email is or YM me at kay_noor.

tireless mom said...

What happen to the swimming? Nak sehati berdansa pulak ke?

hazlin said...

salam Kay,

The merry eating has done it again!
I was not well a few days ago. Bila gi clinic, doc suruh ambil berat. My, my.... naik! Still in denial, i kata kat nurse tu, mesin u ni salah kot.
He he... x nak ngaku jg tu..

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

Yesss...sehati berdansa it is after teruja watching Bollywood, Jaiho and the works last weekend.

Jangan terpeleot sudah...

kay_leeda said...

Dear Hazlin,

Rezeki kan...takkan nak tolak. What happens afterwards, hai...nak buat camne.

Hope you feel better now. I dare not go up the scale. Tau dah apa verdict nye :(