Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Melancholy on the Net

Uncle Google can surely do wonders to one who's melancholia and has been smoldering inside, dreaming of falling leaves, snow, and coffee sipping by the fireplace, and everything whatchamacallit associated to winter. It's the gloom and gray weather, I put the blame on. That lingering warmth from the tropical sun was no where endured; shying away, the sun hid behind the thick dark clouds.

Gray and gloomy KL sky

And today was no different. It was a little bright and sunny during first half of the morning. Later when the dark clouds rolled in by mid afternoon, Klang Valley saw sporadic rain all across town. The office is so cold that many seek comfort draping trendy Pashminas as wraps. Some one asked me if winter felt this cold. My reply was, "No...It’s colder." The poor thing must be thinking how one could survive in the wild winter of the West. Shaking her head in quandary, she slipped on her jacket, with hope that it would keep her warm for the remaining time at work.

So what does Uncle Google have to do with the rain, wet roads and cold office condition?? A whole lot to me actually. The looks of the skies outside remind me so much of my college days in this cold mid west city - Madison Wisconsin. It is as if I am transported back to the roaring 80s; that glorious era of Michael Jackson’s moon walk and glittering gloves (ahhh...mental note to myself: to go watch MJ’s This is IT movie before it disappears from cinema viewing)

My first apartment...Birge House on University Avenue
pic from Madison Campus & Downtown Living

How the living room looks now, very different compared to my tenancy days in 1982

Bucky is the official mascot of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Browsing the Net, if not careful, one could easily get carried away. One site leads to another. From my old apartment building, I preceded with inquiries on Badger’s football results. Apparently, last week during their game with Michigan, Badgers had a victorious win – Badgers 45 and Michigan 24!! Yeah…Go Red...Go Bucky!!! This weekend will be an away game with Northwestern Wildcats. I wonder if college football is shown on ESPN, must go check…..

Next 5 days weather check - chilly and wet

Next were the campus pictures.

Aerial picture of UW campus

Bascom Hall is framed by a view of tree shadows and foliage changing colors on Bascom Hill during autumn.

Camp Randall arch walkway

Statue of Abraham Lincoln, picture perfect contrast in the gold autumn setting

Fallen leaves gather among bicycles parked at a bike rack.
All campus pictures from UW-Madison University Communications website

The Regent – place where we once called home.

But the most noteworthy search was this…

the Maroon colored 76 Oldsmobile Starfire – the car I shared with Jupe during my senior year in UW. Bought it for $600 from a graduate student who was leaving for home.


mamasita said...

Nice photos of your university area in US.
Thanks for the weather forecast..I will be in KL on Saturday or Sunday. Kat Kuantan ni ujan almost everyday, than panas sekejap and ujaaaaaan I asyik nak masuk gebar jer..air macam ais waster so nak mandi pun bercinta..hehehe

kay_leeda said...

Best nyer dapat masuk gebar!! I wish I could do the same. It's cold in the office and at home. No need to have the air cond on. Ahhh nak mandi memang malas when the water is like ice. But tak kan nak jadi kerbau pulak...heh...heh.. :) Sejuk pun sejuk lah...

Glad you like the pictures :)

Zendra said...

Haha Kay, I used to get these feelings of nostalgia for college days too - not so much of studies but more of the day to day experiences of living abroad. Wonderful kan?

tireless mom said...

Urrggggg grrrrr sejuk menggigil gigil di office. And masa tu lah these people blast the aircond. But no competition to any snow.

Hujan hujan like this, TNB kurrreengg revenue sikit ye.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Zendra,

I always feel this way when November comes. My guess is, warm weather we get it so much here. But when it's cold and cozy, ahhh...that's something we don't often experience. Fall and winter are my favourite time in the year. The experience is so precious, don't you think so?

kay_leeda said...


Our maintenance people tell us that they need to keep the upper floors cold so that temperature on the lower floors are comfortable. Sejuk sampai ke tulang jadik nyer!!

TNB's loss on AC is probably replaced by higher demands on water heater and clothes dryer usage. Still sama mahhh...

Anonymous said...

I was in Madison Summer 1984..maybe I saw U !

busymum100 said...

Wah.... cool gloomy weather brought the nostalgic feelings to you!

Your campus looks nice, buat I pulak rasa nostalgic! Est the autumn leaves... Never got sick of them.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay and all my other darling aunties,
My Mama says you all can try the four seasons here too and not as far as USA. Or we all can go visit Uncle Lee in Toronto. Aahhh...would be fun! meow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Anon@1.12am,

Yes, maybe we did bump into each other. If I recall well, that summer I took History of Rome and made the Humanities building practically my home :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Busymom100,

You know how it feels I guess, being stuck in the cold office, rummaging thru the paper work when deep down you long to do something else. Memories of those free & easy days would rain back.

Your favourite time is fall?? Yeah...sama lah kita. But as for now, nak belek-belel fall leaves, kat FVille je lah kot :D

kay_leeda said...

Hi Cat-in-Sydney,

I liked it very much when I was in Perth last December. Unfortunately, won't be heading that way all this year end. I wish I could laze around at Bondi Beach with you this summer. (Plus that Boxing day shopping is so, so tempting) It would be great, don't you think so? And I'm sure there are many pretty, pretty felines like yourself are out going on a stroll with your Mommies.

But then Cat, you'll never know, I may just pay you a surprise visit..heh..heh. Ohh Uncle Lee is so jauh lah. Aunty Kay dah tak larat nak naik kapal terbang for 20 sumthing hours to get to Toronto. I'll visit his blog je lah :)

edelweiss said...

baca entry u nih...pasai ur college days...aduihhhhh sayu hati i teringat masa i kat UK. lepas kelas, nak ke town, jalan kaki merentas park...atau naik beskal dengan hubby [opss! bopren ler masa tuh ]...

memang betul biasa cuaca gloomy...mcm nih lah i rasa

english weathers...but i paling suka autumn... rasa nak terbang pi la nih jugak tau...

kay_leeda said...


Ohh what have I done, everyone is now longing for autumn!! Nanti I pi carik daun-daun berguguran kat FarmVille and taboq skit kat blog ni noo :) Baru lah real kan... pun naik besikal sesama merentas park dan segala rintangan?? Ohh sungguh ku tau, perasaan itu..heh..heh.

Mrs Kamil said...

Ini my father in law punya alma matter ni.... I think dia pergi 1980.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mrs Kamil,

Oh really..entah-entah I kenal yr FIL :)