Friday, October 2, 2009

Batang Pinang...opppss

Just a short one this one. Since coming back to work after the Raya break, life couldn't have been "better". Work is back as chaotic as it was before Ramadhan. So kirakan di bulan mulia tu, diberi breather untuk melakukan ibadah. Alhamdullillah, everything went well and double syukur coz this year yours truly dapat berpuasa penuh :)

Now back to life being "better".

I've just come back from client's office actually. Not for meetings but just to go collect items needed for this weekend's event. Apa event tu?? Errr...perlu ke declare??

Well, suspense and surprises aside lah, plus ketandusan ideas for now nak buat plot cerita ala-ala trip pi LA dulu. Out with it, yes? Well, from today till Sunday, I'll be camping in Bagan Pinang, Port Dickson. Reasons dia??? Obvious...dah terang and no need to bersuluh.

We were given less than a week's notice to prepare ourselves for the event in Bagan Pinang. The coordination meeting was last Monday (28/9) and everything had to be tip top A okay by today. Hah...apa lagi jadik lipas kudung trying to get things coordinated. Nasib baik lah we have gotten pretty used to all these JIT requests, kalu tak mau ader yang sakit jantung kot. Through the years of being in this project management line, I have learnt to take it easy, one step at a time, no matter how urgent, important and critical the assignment is. Tak mau kalut-kalut coz lagi kalut, lagi hanyut...

Tapi dalam cool-cool tu, I almost made this embarrassing blunder in my email. When referring to event venue, I almost wrote "Batang Pinang" instead of "Bagan Pinang". Well, what would you expect lah kan, all so exhausted slogging since morning and rushing out emails faster that a bullet train. Plus the fact that it is still bulan Raya; melayan open houses invites dari satu hujung KL ke the other, batang pinang (the daging of course!!) was very much on my mind.

Lucky thing I checked. Kalu tak I cringe at thinking what wondrous ideas Dato Pengarah would have upon receiving my email. Hee...nasib baik lah, if not sure jadi gurauan masa post event meeting :)

So folks have a good weekend. Enjoy your open houses whilst I go help my worikh-worikh kek Pot Deksen decide which way they should go.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Batang Pinang tu sodap salai masak lomak cili api...campur pulak belimbing buluh...yummmm
You take care in Bagan Pinang. Malaysians are quite "riotous" nowadays.

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Saya datang nak mintak steak, kata Pak Malim yg kena lastik.

mamasita said...

Makdatok..dah pergi berkempen??
Batang Pinang?? No more fillet for me for the moment..dah terlebih makan daging for Raya...hehe

Tapi, mungkin kat rumah Dato' Jaf I akan hentam the batang pinang again! Dan lah aerobics sementara tu..hehe

tireless mom said...

Actually I tak tahu pun it is named Batang Pinang, ooppss I mean Bagan Pinang. Initially I thot it was in Perak. Panggil je lah Podeksen. Half of Podeksen is where it is.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in Sydney,

Memang sodapppp..lopeh makan tu cubo tengok darah naik ko tak?? Heh..heh..them local delicacies are so, so gastronomical yes?

You now what, the event was postponed to this coming Tuesday!! Even more scary as the election day gets closer.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim,

You want steak? But of course says Kay who's racing to the racing to the finish line with a cause :)

How do you like your steak Sir? Medium? Asks Kay who no longer can fit into her medium sized outfits after the Raya feasting :D

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Kami ni tak boleh nak take sides or go campaigning. Orang suruh buat kerja...kami yg menurut perintah ni, buat je lah kerja..heh..heh. Money to the company, money to us (I only like this part..heh..heh)

Uhh...I am to definitely reduce my daging intake. Tak kisah ler..batang pinang ker...tulang ker, limpa ker...

Enjoy yourself at Dato Jaff's :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear TM,

Yes..yes...the DUN should just be called PD. It starts from area near Avallion to Telok Kemang, if I'm not mistaken.

Byk actions there. Itu blum lg penamaan calon. We had a little break as the event was postponed to next Tuesday coz Minister (dun ask me which one!!) will only be avail for perasmian on 8/10. By then the whole place would be packed with people. I'll be taking the "N" car. Don't want to give the wrong impression to the folks out there in PD.