Thursday, April 2, 2009

LA Here I Come

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go… and I’ll be leavin’ on a jet plane. That’s how it is with me now. I’ll be off early in the morning.

Destination this time?? LA folks, mana lagi!!! This will be my first trip and I’m pretty anxious to get there. Mental calculations had it that I would arrive sometime late evening. Sure penat punyer lah ni…..and when I’m too exhausted, I doubt I’d be able to sleep.

I feel a cold coming. I have been sneezing on and off in the office earlier. Ohhh…I don’t want to be sick, not when I have so much to do, and so much to see. Stacked very nicely in my luggage is my medication - the usual stuffs ubat gastric lah, postan lah, plus my good ole Vicks Vaporub.

Luckily me huh? You guys must be thinking, tak de angin, tak de ribut, all of a sudden nak pi LA…heh..heh :)

Chopppp....before ader yang nak jatuh kerusi with envy, forget it. There is no need to do so. LA is Lubok Antu in Sarawak, and that's where I'll be till Sunday. Purpose of this trip, one may ask. Well, it's kinda complicate to explain it here. Suffice to say, it has to do with the upcoming country's important event at the two bukits and one batang on April 7th.

I do hope there is Internet access in Lubok Antu....if not, haiya...mati kutu ler or harus kah nak pi jadi (pengundi) hantu..heh..heh. Ehhh..mana ade, tak main lah dengan hantu-hantu ni kan!!


Naz said...

Adus! tipah tertipu. I really thought you were going to LA! Lubuk antu pun Lubuk Antu lah....ada liputan langsung tak?! :D

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

mak eei..

2 bukits and one batang....hmmmm...mmmm
kirim salam sama bujang senang aarr..

mamasita said...

Adoi kay.
I baru nak say have a great time! Now I nak cakap..err..baca doa banyak2 ok? hehehe
p.s. mula2 tu dah silently jealous sikit.Lepastu..hehehehehe..O April Fools trick jugak ye??

ms hart said...

Helloooooo!!! You got me laughing like hantu pagi2 macam nih tahuuuuu!!!! Have a safe trip ok?

sherry said...

Salam Kay.

Have a nice and safe trip..

MrsNordin said...

You got me! I was just about to say, "Wah... bestnya Kay pegi LA!!" when I saw the map. Cis!

Anyway, have a good trip! Ambil gambar pekan "Batang" tu boleh? I always wonder how it got such name.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

eiiiiiiii mencimencimenci kena tipu siang siang buta!!!

Aida said...


While I was in the lift to go out for lunch, the CSR ladies who happen to be in the lift with me was talking about going to LA too.

Are u all going for the same reasons? Not that I know what are the reasons.

Anonymous said...

LA - here u come?! What a promo, Pn K. Hope you will not run over some of the panicking 'kerbau pendek' while staying in the Long House Hotel :-)


Waterlily said... told me about your trip to Lubok Antu during the MB meeting the other day, but I masih tertipu lagi by this entry of yours! hahaha..

Cant help you much here Kay, never been to this side of LA before too :-D Seram jer bunyi dia kan? Lubuk segala hantu jembalang kut..anyway, update nanti eh!

Laracroft74 said...

cisssss.....tipah tertipu!!! nak marah dah tak habaq kat least boleh kirim Coach bag ke..Victoria Secret ke...but Lubok Antu?? NO..thank you la...tak glamer..hehehee...anyway have a safe and LOVELY trip!!!
p/s thought you are going for the pre umrah trip..

IBU said...

Oi... hahahah... notti tau u.. I dah imagine, uishhh...syioknya, Universal Studio, Sunset Blvd, factory outlets...

Tup tup Lubok Antu pulak... ceh...

Hmmm dah gi sinun, sik pandang belakang eh? nanti nampak antu!

Have a good trip.