Monday, April 6, 2009

On The Move Again

I'm back!!! Yes, I'm back, and so glad to be home. Although the trip was just for four days, it felt terribly long. I guess it must be due to the long journey - by air, land and water to get to the work place. Many must have known by now that I was in Lubok Antu in Batang Ai since last Thursday. Wasn't involved in the election campaign or what not. I was in one of the schools doing an ICT training program for the school community, both teachers and students. I could have gotten my trainers to do the program. But, LA was no ordinary turf - language challenge (most kids speak Iban), minimal or zero ICT knowledge and skills plus not to mention the distractions from campaigning for the election. So, kena turun padang lah nampaknya. Just like the country’s top leaders, everyone wants to be seen in LA. Interesting place and I must admit, I've never been so up close and personal with nature before. And during this trip, nature was just within reach.

Hilton Batang Ai Long House Resort

The long corridors, just as what one would see in the long houses

Lampu...woo..have not see these things for the longest time!!!

I have many stories to share about this trip and there are many pictures to post in the blog too. However, those will have to wait till I return from ANOTHER trip. Yessss....I'll be on the move again. Penat travel gi LA pun tak habis lagi, dah nak travel lagi esok. Busy nyer lah kan....Our new PM pun, I bet you doesn't have a travel schedule as hectic as mine kan??

Long house on the hill...pit stop to catch breath, plus pic stop

I've just finished unpacking the luggage I took to LA and packed a new one for tomorrow's trip. So esok gi mana pulak??? Ehem...ehem.....nak bagi tau gak ker???

Well, some of the MBs (Makcik Bloggers) know of my next destination. Siapa dapat teka, kita bagi hadiah...hehe..hehe :)

Sunset from the long house

Okay lah..okay lah, since that day when I mentioned that I was going to LA ader yang almost jatuh kerusi kan?? This time around, you gurls for sure tak jatuh one lah..heh..heh. I know..I know, I could almost hear your question, where am I heading this time???

Boats at the jetty and our boat crossing the dam lake to long house

The correct answer is yezzzaaa....Jakarta here I come (again!!!)'s that time's retail therapy time. April is here and it's our (my girlfriends) retail therapy time. I am so much in need of a breakway, away from the bosses, work stress, deadlines, reports...and the list can be very longggg. I just wanna go enjoy myself for a while and come home felling fully recharged and all ready to venture work in the 2nd quarter.

Haaa...kempen jangan sik campaign!!!

It will just be Muni and I this time. Our other friend, Jupe will not be following us. But she is kind enough to send us to the airport tomorrow morning. (Tak pe eh, Jupe....we'll try do another one in July / Aug OK....if ader rezeki)

No promises if I could post any stories from Jakarta. We'll see how lah OK. Ohhh eyes are almost closed, and before I go type anything funny or non comprehensible, I'd better go get some sleep, esok have to be up early jugak.

So....enjoy your week girls, I'll be back on Wednesday.


myheartbleeds said...

Hi there!! by air, land and water... lamaaaa kan to get to these remote places?? I once went to stay at a longhouse in Kapit on the Rejang and setelah melalui berbagai adventure (it was late evening when we started our journey on the boat and tetiba air surut!!) baruuulah sampai!!

Have fun in Jakarta!! ;-D

Naz said...

'Love the pictures!
I thought you're heading to Paris, this time...hahah!

zaitgha said...

enjoy your trip mam...

tireless mom said...

Oooo Jupe tak ikut. Banyak lah barang can stuff in the Bajaj.

IBU said...

Jetsetting kemain lagi.

Enjoy your trip....

jabishah said...

Welcome home & have another safe journey... ;-)

HB wanted to take me to this Batang Ai Resort once. Do you think it is worth the travel? He is such a naturalist which is a total different to his wife...

Have fun in Jakarta!

Kak Teh said...

Kay, sorry i havent been around - been quite occupied. happy travelling.

Laracroft74 said...

nasib baik bagitau nak pi retail therapy...otherwise i'm going to jatuh kerusi lagi this guess, you are now back..cepat upload the pix of all teh barang2...tak sabar nk tengok nie...

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kay!

How have you been? Dah lama tak exchange news with you, even in FB.

Jakarta again? have lots of fulus, my dear, to constantly go on shopping trips di seberang tu!! Envy..envy..