Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Trip 1

October is already coming to its end. It's the 31st today - and yes, it's Halloween again. 31 is a significant number to all Baskin Robbins ice-cream lovers too!! Hurry to the nearest BR parlor and enjoy that 31% discount. I hate the standing in line, but it's a pretty good deal especially when you are buying for sweet lovers in a household like mine.

I need to also make a quick dash to the market and get Nissa's pumpkin. She had googled the steps on how to carve a pumpkin. Me go get the fruit and let's hope both father and daughter will somewhat figure out how to get it done. It's not so much because of Halloween or anything. We just want her to get her hands dirty sometimes, and take a break from that PSP thingy. So if the labu thing menjadi, we'll have a little pumpkin to put outside the door tonight. Kinda late to start having one...but for suka-suka sake, what the heck.

With the end of October arriving in matters of hours, I had noticed my days slipping by even faster. Pejam celik, pejam celik, December will make its way and we'll have a brand new year ahead us.

October was indeed a busy month for me. Hari Raya celebrations, work travels, deadlines, kids' exams etc, filled up the October schedule. From Port Dickson to Kota Marudu to Hangzhou and Shanghai, I must say my calendar couldn't have looked more "prettier". There will be more busy days ahead, affirmed during my laborious meeting with clients yesterday. Tak pe lah, "busy" means good money for the company and it helps keep everyone's spirits high too. One step at a time, that's how we'll brave our upcoming days, I guess. In the meantime, enjoy these of pictures from my Kota Marudu adventure trip. Hangzhou and Shanghai..up next :)

Had the opportunity to walk on this jambatan gantung across Sg Kg Simpangan in Kota Marudu. It swayed like nobody's business ok!! Rasa naik boat lepas cross

Look Mom...NO hands!!!

Kota Marudu's top brass - YB Anita (middle) & her officers, catching up as they waited for the Minister

Bridge is 480meters long. The old bridge was swept away by flood waters last January.

The local kids...exotic look they all ni :) can tell a local when you see them on the bridge. Dato Max siap boleh buat 100 dash lagi!!

The 2nd jambatan gantung...spanning across 2 rivers in Kampung Lempadak, Kota Marudu

After my walk up and down the bridge. It's 980 meters long. So in total dah jalan almost 3km that day on two jambatan gantung!!!

House by the river (errr...don't get me wrong...rumah yg lagi cantik kat town ader banyak...yg ni kat tepi bukit & tepi sungai)

KFC tersergam megah

Look how precise folks in Kota Marudu are..accurate to 1 decimal point!!! Mana nak cari precision like this 1Malaysia???


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Those are not the famous jambatan of Tamparuli? I'd love to go there too. I bet those children would enjoy playing with me while I enjoy the attention and adoration. Shameless, this cat! hehehe...meow!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat,

These are add ons to the Tamparuli type and I'm sure you'll stride like a pro on those bridges :)

Ahhh but of course, the kids will enjoy having you around them :)

No lah...u no shameless...u malu-malu kucing lah :)