Wednesday, October 7, 2009


"Hot" wasn't just with the weather. Heat on the grounds of Bagan Pinang is very, very hot too. I was there yesterday and will be there today and tomorrow. Yikess....I don't like it at all being right smack in the place where all the by-election campaigning activities are "flaming".

The centre where our program is conducted is in a kampung where at one corner the GREEN Moon has made base. And down the road, the BLUe Scale has proudly declared as their strong hold. Security is very tight. The police will not compromise with anything and anyone, I suppose. Tepi simpang tiga ader Tok Polis, bawah pokok pisang ada dua tiga orang, kat gerai tengah minum-minum (I presume tengah taking a break lah kan...and not curi tulang..oopsss) pun penuh satu table Tok Polis.

What I am seeing in this small seaside town now is so different from what it was many, many years ago. Hotels and beautiful resorts line the beach front, and it kinda gives me that "proud to be from Negri" feeling. Still, PD has a longgggg way to go should it envision itself as other popular beach destinations like Bali, Gold Coast or the Florida Keys.

Had it not been for my program, I don't think I'd be heading for PD. Not for the beach, nor for the election campaigning (ohhh lagi lah tidakkk). Why? The reason is simple...there's nothing in PD. Pantai Teluk Kemang where as a kid I used to swim from morning till sun down, is now dirty, crowded and polluted. And on weekends, if one is not lucky, the traffic crawl could stretch many kilometers long. So tak pe lah, I'd do my beach bumming else where.

I do hope this by-election will give PD a new future. Who ever gets to secure the seat, please look into the potentials of PD. Plan and develop it well, not haphazardly putting up high rise, and forgetting to preserve the beauty of this beach town. Most importantly, with lots of sincerity in the heart, do the place good and not for the reaps of good RM awaiting. The locals may have forgiven what happened in the past and generously now allowed a second chance. Accept the trust given by the people and let's position PD on the "correct" map where it should have been!!


mamasita said...

Thanks Kay..
Dato' baru turun ke Bagan Pinang today..have warned him to bring a 'snow machine'!hehe

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Not forgetting the public toilets too! New ADUN should clean up beach and toilets first. My Mama said she used to go to the night market quite frequently a long long time ago. meow!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Kay, I'm with Tun M on the Isa Samad subject. The latter should just decline and retire.

Chahya said...

Berapa lama daaa Isa samad jadi MB dulu tapi Bukit Putus tu dah la bengkang-bengkok, sempit, takde lampu pulak tu!
Time MB baru ni je baru nampak perubahan..looking forward for the new Bukit Putus route.

I left a Selamat Hari Raya wish in your Raya post. Though a bit late to wish u, I hope you're still festive mood :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Yes, yes pla ask Dato to bring that some thing that could cool down the "show". Tak kisah lah snow machine ke, bayu pantai timur ker :)

My countrymen ah...all so keras-keras one lah. Dak kata dah kat they all...chill lah babe....tak mo they all...LOL

kay_leeda said...

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,

Ohh yesss...toilets no 1 DIRTY!! You know we here always striving to be winners, in all aspects we want to be the first ONE.

The pasar malam is still there, somewhere near the Petronas station in Bt4. As expected, the roads are packed during the pasar malam nites...sigh.

kay_leeda said...


Personally speaking, TanSriI is not the right person for the by-election. He had a good "sleep" for 22 years (and still some people gave him a second chance...grr). He's gonna be jump starting a lot should he get in pole position again. Let's see if he's able to do that. If & time wasted AGAIN!!!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Chahaya,

Let's negorhi speak yah.

Duo puluh duo tahun...tak do apo bona yg di buek eh kek MB lamo tu do. Time rhayo Bukit Putuih tu ponoh keto berghato sepanjang-panjang eh. Dari kocik se turun naik bukit tu, samo yo de rupo eh jalan tu.

MB baru...emmppp ado lah elok eh sikit...sikit yo yg barghu nampak. Bosar lah sikit jalan kek Somban tu dah....Tapi rhaso eh lah...Tok Mat Assan ni kono dorhgeh-dorhgeh sikit muek kurgho-kurgho yo rate eh dio ni. Koyok eh lobih agak eh...LOL!!!

Selamat Hari Raya to you too. Yes, I'll go check out the tag :)