Monday, May 18, 2009

The Toy

A friend texted me after reading my rant on the new toy. He asked, “Apa ke bende nya new toy tu?”

My reply was, “Tungggguuuuuu….I’ll blog about it.”

So what is it exactly? This “thing” that has been ruling my life for the past one month or so. The gadget that had me tossing and flipping away – adjusting to it’s dual display choice, landscape or portrait. The supposedly smarty instrument that suddenly stormed my life.

Now give it a grand entrance shall we?? Thadaaa…here it is – the Blackberry Storm. Yup, this is the thing that has been ruling me like crazy. At times making me look like a fool, trying to figure out how the heck to make it work according to my whims and fancies.

Ohhh…this touch screen, so called "cuting edge smart alec" surely has a mind of it’s own, this I discovered during my early get-to- know-you days with the tool. It had the guts to disallow Bluetooth transfer of contacts from the old N96!! Can you imagine how frantic I was?? And there were more than 500 contact numbers and details to be expeditiously transferred. Refusing to be defeated, I googled ways on contact transfers from a non BB to a BB. Wasn’t easy, but managed to get it done in the end (hangin satu badan di buat nya that day!!!).

Snapped this Ipoh rainy day pic using BB...pic quality = 5/10
(cik NokiaH gives better quality pic..)

One thing great (errr…am beginning to have second thoughts now) about the BB is that the Internet is just a touch away. Just like the other smart phones of its kind, it connects me to the Internet anywhere and time, subject to the availability of telco’s 3G. Where the signal is strong, it gives superb connectivity. Otherwise, errr…don’t bother, switch to another application je lah.

And because I am connected 24/7, there is no reason what so ever not to reply emails or even dare leave them unopened. On top of the work related emails, the project helpdesk enquiry emails are also cced to me. Hence, even at 3 in the morning, I get to read desperate helpdesk sos from my comfy bed. Uhhh….what a life. I must remember to inform MIS to stop directing these emails to me. Not worth losing my beauty sleep over them!!!

I can blog with it, accessing FB is great. Google and YM are splendid. One down side to heavy browsing is that the battery is fast exhausted.

Apparently BB Storm is new in the country, even M*x** has not launched it yet (err that’s what the guy at the counter told me lah). Last weekend when I struggled as I dug into my handbag, trying to get hold of it, when it rang as I queued at the cashier counter at the Isetan members sale (gezzz…they just know when to ring kan, wrong place, wrong time!!!), I saw another lady fumbling with the same exact tool. I just smiled, must be a new user, thus I’m not alone.

So, what’s my overall verdict? Biasa-biasa je lah. Oh well, it’s a cool tool lah. And what makes it ever cooler?? It was a gift from Abe. Thank you…thank you…kecil tapak tangan, stesyen janakuasa I tadahkan..heh…heh.

To Abe...haa next year if you are still on this "smart thingy" pursuance, can you give this other smarty a thought pulak???


sherry said...

Salam Sis.

U dah ada STORM? i baru terkial2 using BOLD..(ketinggalan keretapi sebab kat Kuantan mana ada keretapi kan)

kay_leeda said...


According to BB ardent supporters, the BOLD and CURVE are better tools. Yang STORM ni lawa je...dunno lah. Let's just see if it's still with me 6 months down the road.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Kay,

Hmmm... playing with my rival ek? It is pretty sleek kan? So, hv you gotten used to the non-stops msging alert? Now, I know where to BB to, to discuss of its stormy weather ;-) Hv fun playing!

Naz said...

Kay, the Gadget Madam! :D

Aida said...


Here at the office... some are commenting that some of these smart phones are not very smart actually. So am sticking to my good trusty old phone.

I had suspected as much of your new toy, that it'd be a storm. hehehehhe asal jgn cause of one ajer cukup. Enjoy.

Ummi365 said...

hehehe patutlah FB status selalu update, kejap kat sini, kejap kat sana.. i dah agak dah

Madam Tai Tai said...


As for me, despite formerly working in the telco industry I've never been techno-centric over handphones. As long as they can be used for voice and sms communication, I'm just so happy with my phone. Of course, the slimmer it is the better to put in my handbag lah.

Tapi mungkin jugak being in Dhaka ni has also made me ketinggalan zaman of the new and funky gadgets in Malaysia.

Have fun with your Storm!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...


akak cuma kenal blueberry daaa....

rasa nya tak kan masuk BB ni abang is not this gadget type..dia lebih senang dengan Nokia cikai dia tu...tujuan utama..terima call,buat call dan mesej...
hp akak pun dia baru perasan ada kamera! pada hal dah nak rosak dah...

Kak Teh said...

wah ada toy baru! am tempted as I am due to renew my contract soon. But from my phone contract am able to get a notebook too...I am more into that - a sleek notebook for me to carry everywhere.

Have fun. Am not sure abt the touch screen. Dengan keyboard pun dah banyak typos.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Ja,

Heh..heh...yr toy is more cool I must say and so very in fashion :)

Ahh the messaging the beginning I was so exicted, now..perghhh maleh nak tgk dah.

kay_leeda said...


This is what happens when the other half selalu bercita-cita tinggi to be tech gadget savvy. Unforfunately, cita-cita abandoned di tengah jalan. Me lah yg have to ensure his DREAMS turn to reality.

Dah bagi....I take je lah :)

kay_leeda said...


You know, I still hang on close to my N96, just incase BB decides to be funny.

Where you work...ohhh teramat lah byk nyer BB kan :))

kay_leeda said...

Dear Ummi,

Yang dok faithfully updating FB status is actually to practise typing. After a while, seronok pulak meng-hapdate via mobile :D

Ooopsss terlebih sudahhhh....

kay_leeda said...

Madam Tai Tai,

At times, it feels good to make a statement with these tech gadgets.
Try having a whole room of guys looking at you when you answer the phone. Fuhhh terangkat beb :)

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

Think at times like this, blueberry is more comforting. BB ker, nokiaH ker, yang penting it does what it's supposed to do kan :)

Camera phone dah rosak?? Apa celebration terdekat? Cepat mintak replacement.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

Yes you are so right, between phone and notebook, the latter is more sought after for folks like us kan.

Ohhh..typo blunders when sending text on BB, I have plenty. Nasib baik tak kena maki by receiver :D

Chahya said...

Wah...I'm also hinting at my DH about how cool to have this touch screen thingy....see lah if he could understand the hints hahahah

kay_leeda said...


Should dropping hints don't work, out with yr intentions. They (u knw who lah kan) memang lali hints punyer. Ajak gi kedai and point..heh..heh.

Cool having a touch screen? Boleh lahhhh... :)