Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonsilitis Again

She's been coughing since Sunday. Very light cough, nothing of those phlegmy ones. During our quick trip back to Mom's, she slept all the way in the car. I guessed that she could be tired from her busy school week. Monday was school as usual, in fact it was Teacher's Day celebration in her school. She asked if she could get flowers for her teacher. I said yes and gave her RM5.00. She gave me one very pretty smile.

My schedule is really crazy these past few days. I knew Nissa was coming down with something when she was rather restless about going to bed. She said she couldn't close her eyes and she didn't know why. Last night because both Mother and Daughter had sleeping problems, we ended up snacking the chocolate chip cookies I got from M&S earlier. Yummmsss......happiness!!

But today's story was the total opposite. I came home from work late this evening and saw her still in her school uniform, fast asleep on the sofa. I felt her body and it was fiery. Both Bibik and Farah were sponging her and at the same time trying to get her to take in some porridge. She's been to see the doctor and the culprit is her tonsils again. It's infected and that's causing her high fever. Ayeyeaya....Nissa, the "thing" of yours has been time and time again giving you all the discomfort.

To make things worst, it's exam week this week. Tomorrow's papers are English and Jawi papers. She wanted to do her revision but the medication has put her into deep slumber. Ahhh you poor baby.....looks like you'll have to rely on what was learnt in class in order to answer questions in the exam.


sherry said...

Cian Nissa. Harap dia cepat baik.

Tulah kita ni mak mak orang kan Kay. Bila anak sakit..kita pun sakit sekali..hati kita tak tenteram selagi depa tak sembuh.

kay_leeda said... are so right. Kids demam, kita pun sama gak demam. Nissa dah lama tak down like this. I guess it must be the weather yg tak menentu ni. Kita yg tua ni pun, can feel the heat and stress.

I hope she gets better soon. I'll be traveling. Ni yg lagi merisaukan nih.

Ummi365 said...

alahai ciannya dik nissa ni. hopefully she'll recover soon before your trip. have a good trip kak kay.

hazlin said...

Dear Kay,

Sorry to hear abt Nissa. Harap cepat sembuh.Yes, para ibu ni mmg begitu, bila anak demam, mak pun sakit sama. Get well soon, Nissa. Makan ubat, ya..


Aida said...


Nissa and Ainul memang lah boleh gang. Ainul got her tonsilitis infection on Monday, so she missed a day of school and a day of her 5 year old group exam at sekolah agama. SHe's still got a caught but augmentin has managed to put the infection in control. We'll still be going to the pediatrian again tomorrow for some more meds.

Poor babies.

I have planned to have Ainul's tonsil's removed next year , just before she enters formal primary school.

take care. hope the weekend will be a good time to rest and recover.


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

sian Nissa,
kay...buang jer tonsil tu...

Ill be missing you for the next 2 weeks...
selamat pergi dan selamat kembali. ....

edelweiss said...

Hi there...

i pray she'll get better soon.
Cian dia.

Desert Rose said...

ala ala kesiannya Nisa.....

Nilah yg paling I takut Kak Kay, bila nak demam due to tonsilitis.

Our paed suggested multivitamin svenseas brand for kids, n Alhamdullillah they all dah tak penah kena lagi, even demam pun jarang sangat. If demam pun recovery very speedy. It actually boost their antibody.

This week mg musim budak2 exam kan, I pun dah jadi zombie, coaching my kids to do their revision, if not, kem salam la.

Neway, semoga Nisa cpt sembuh n excell in her exam...k. U take care too Kak Kay dear.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Oh dear...get well soon Nissa! Poor baby..dah lah sakit masa exam time pulak tu. I'm sure she is so tensed! Kena beri lots of TLC, Kay!

mamasita said...

You know Kay..when our children come back from school and tertidur kat sofa dengan baju uniform sekolah, I always rasa sedih.
Samada dia terlalu letih or sebab demam, we always pity them.

Apart from the medication, make sure she komor air garam banyak2.And minum air asam jawa yang dalam botol tu..cleaner than if we perah sendiri.

shamilah said...

cian kak nissa..
ilam doakan cepat baik kay..nanti ammar and ilam visit kak nissa masa mama gi umrah yeah..don't worry!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Ummi,

I share yr same thoughts. She's already talking about me not around and who's going to manage her. You know how it is with kids lah kan...they hv that extra sense.

Yup...I hope she'll get better over the weekend.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Hazlin,

Ohh the makan ubat part...if we don't go checking on them, thy buat-buat lupa je lah. It's like playing the cat & mouse game, especially when they rasa thy dah sikit ok. Kids....guess that's how thy are lah kan :)

kay_leeda said...

Dear Aida,

Heh..heh...I think many kids have this love hate relationship with their tonsils. Am also thinking of removing hers as it bothers her at the wrong time wrong place.

I spoke to her a while ago. She's still not well. Missed school and she has asked me to write a letter to her class teacher, seaking permission to do her exams next week. Ohhh...kena gi school lah pulak.

I'm away in Sg Siput today & tomorrow. So, she'll just have to be on her own tonite with the abang & kakak & dad. Kesian kat dia...but what to do lorrr :(

kay_leeda said...

Hai Kak Ezza,

Yup...Mama ni pun hoping for her to get better. Kita baru cerita-cerita ttg tonsil ni hari tu kan. When I come home after my trip, I want to bring her to see a specialist about this tonsil thing.

Tungguuuuuu posting shahdu ku :)

kay_leeda said...

Hi Edelwiess,

Thanks for your prayers. Last I checked, she's still under the weather.. Dok merengek..haiyaaa...and Mommy is also so broken hearted :(

Thanks for dropping by yess.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Desert Rose,

Perhaps it's the exam that's making them sick. Revision at home, gi tution lagi...ahhh...thy also rimas. Lucky thing I had done some revision with her earlier. She's pretty consistent in her studies, but you know lah, school is so competitive these days.

We just have to do the best for them lah kan. Thanks for yr prayers.

kay_leeda said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Unfortunately Mommy is away today and tomorrow. In Sg Siput for an event...I feel bad, but what to do. Nasib baik Bibik is someone I can count on at times like this.

Thanks for yr concern.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Yes is soooo tiring and in this hot weather, ahksss..I don't envy them at all.

Yup..will communicate to Bibik yr petua. Mommy ni kan...keje nyer jln-jln je...nasib baik got Bibik.

kay_leeda said...

Ohhhh Mak Su!!! Apo lak pocah rahhasio kek sini. Orghang nak buek posting shahdu lopeh ni....

Tak po lah, nanti make sure illam & ammar teman kan kak Nicha eh :))

alyn said...

Hi aunty,

Kesian nissa,alina pun demam tp hr isnin yg lepas.suruh nissa makan ubat tau.

Semoga sembuh Nissa Maisara!

kay_leeda said...

Kak Lynn,

Hi...Aunty rasa Nissa dah getting better coz tadi masa call dia, she sounded ok. Nanti Kak Lynn call lah dia iyer :)

Wahhh now you got yr own blog ah?? Good..good...Nissa pun nak start a blog. Now everyone can leave commnets on each other's postings yah :)