Saturday, May 9, 2009

From Shah Alam "Oh Bulan..."

"Oh really? Got full moon? Will go out to have a look ;)"

That was my reply to dear Mamasita's earlier text message on the full lunar spotting tonight. Popped the last bit of choc chip cookies into my mouth, I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag and went out to take a look. Wallah....indeed there's a beauty up there shinning so bright in the sky.

Dear Mamasita...these two pics are especially for you :))

This was my best shot. Too bad, didn't get to do justice to this beauty.
Ahhh bila lah nak upgrade to DSLR agak nya...hmmmpppp


Naz said...

The pictures are nice but I love the choc chip cookie bit...heheh!

kay_leeda said...

Ohhh Naz...the choc chop cookie was sinful. Baked it myself. It's makan and more makan week lerrr....

Naz said...

err...i thought it was choc chip. kalau dah choc chop tu memang very sinful!!!

kay_leeda said...'s choc chip, correction. Suda larut pagi daaa..."o" and "i" sama je nampak :) But both equivalently sinful!!