Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here at Sammy's Kampung

Greetings folks. I'm posting this from a small hotel in Sg Siput. Errr... where is this place??'s THE Sg Siput in Perak. THE parliment constituency which for umpteen number of years was kept so close at heart to dear Mr Sammy V***u.

Our program was at this Felda Settlement. Well, the place is so modern now. Not like how Felda when they first started.

Sg Siput town, well, not too bad, actually. The roads are wide. It's dual way all the way from the Jelapang exit. To get to Sg Siput one has to pass the famous Chenor town. If I recall well, there was one very catchy Raya advert where the family went home by bus and the little boy repeatedly mentioned that he was from Chenor. Something like that lah...I think. The advert was way, way back.

Our ICT program with the, fun..loads of fun :)

Anyway, I'm here on work. One day down and another to go tomorrow. My initial plan was to do a day trip. Do what needed to be done and by evening, I'd drive back to KL. However, when the program ended around 6pm just now, I was extremely beat. The heat, my lack of sleep the night before seemed to be taking a toll out of me.

I'm putting up one night here. Hope to wrap things up by 3pm tomorrow and race back to KL as fast as I can. There are so many things I need to complete in so little time. I have some documents which are critical for me to review and not forgetting the office move. I only have till Sunday night to get all these done. Hope I will pull through these tough times in one piece as I have a bigger task to embark on come 12 noon Monday 25th May. InshaAllah...InshaAllah...

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