Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just another Sunday

I'm still not in the mood to write anything "serious" in the blog. Entah lah, call it baffled, abhor, sad, disbelieve...semua of these gamut of emotions ada, when thinking about what's going on in Palestine. I've not even turned on my PC since work on Friday and by my standards that's a very long time to be away from the cyberworld. Much of my quick cyber hops is done on the N95. Itu pun just to check FB and postings in blogger.

However this morning, I was accompanied by Manis & her little ones while I had breakfast. Manis must have gotten up on the right side of her bed this morning for she willingly posed for my camera. She is usually camera shy but this morning she obligated.

Even animals have that eternal love, while us man & woman, what are we doing to our own kind??

If nothing else can cheer you up today, I hope these shots of Manis will.


Ezza Aziz said...

kesian Manis...naik loyot nenen dia di sedut oleh anak nya...kalau ada jantan,dia pulak 'membini' kan ibu mya...lumrah binatang ,kan!

apa pun hari ni akak balik dari Marhaban ni..perut dah kenyang...membaham kambing panggang dan ayam golek..heheheh

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Wah. Gambar Manis dgn anak2 kucing memang comel, kata Pak Malim sambil mengomel. Manis memang ibu mithali, kata Pak Malim sambil memegang tali.

Waterlily said...

Hi Kay,

Me too. I try not to write about what's happening in Gaza, though its hard to ignore what's happening there. I see the posters everywhere here, Red Crescent makeshift canopies where we can send our donations, counters by various Islamic associations, and when I drive, I can hear the news every now and then.

I believe, we can do our part not only by writing about it in our blog, but by actually doing something. Red Crescent is very active here, the sheikh himself being its VP. We donated whatever we could, in terms of money and goods. One more thing, dah tinggal kat sini, baru ni kali pertama dengar donation in terms of goods or clothes, MUST be NEW goods / clothes. Tak mau second hand! Tak kisah lah tu, kita donate seikhlas hati, setakat kita mampu, and we bought whatever we thought would be needed by the people especially the Gaza children during this winter time.

Eh..sorry, ter-digress pulak. You were saying? Kucing ye?

kay_leeda said...

Kak Ezza,

Memang dah ksian kat Manis tu. Anak-anak dia dok la bergayut je. At times, si Manis terpaksa lari dari anak-anak dia ni. tu jamuan di Marhaban, kalu mcm ni saya pun nak join group Marhaban akak lah...makan terjamin best..heh..heh.

kay_leeda said...

Wahai Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Sudah agak lama saya tidak pamirkan pictures of Manis, kata Kay yang mencari susu pekat manis. Kucing pun tau jadi ibu mithali, betol kata Pak Malim, kata Kay sambil menuju ke Tanjung Malim mencari susu berkerim.

Tapi saya rasa Manis ni ader satu secret, yang dia akan share with us. Tungguuuu sahaja updates kata tuan punya Manis, cik Nissa, yang suka makan pizza.

kay_leeda said...


Glad to know that such a coordinated effort is done in the land of Pak Abu. I managed to catch Dr Jamila of Mercy's news conference a few nights ago. She mentioned that the situation in Gaza is worsening by the day....sigh.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

kay, I'm with you here. I too hv lost my zest to write. buat sementara waktu I hope. Manis has lifted my spirit somewhat.. thank God for His little mercies!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Kak Puteri..(ehem Hajjah),

Glad pics of Manis have managed to uplift your spirits. Yes Kak, we will feel like this for a while, life has to go on but that doesn't mean we forget their sufferings.

Thanks for dropping by, hope dah hilang penat :)

tireless mom said...

Dear Kay

Tak pe lah. A few days more ada mood lah to catch up on the blog. You can post on Jakel. Did you go there today?

kay_leeda said...


Yesss I DID go to Jakel!! And it did uplift my mood in many ways. Will blog about Jakel trip later. 11th day into the year and damage is done..heh..heh. But I feel much better, why ah??

Naz said...

I nak adopt seekor boleh tak? My kids dah kempunan tengok gambar gambar you ni :D

kay_leeda said...


Heh..heh..kiddos nak yang mana satu?? Yup..they sure give us the sweet pleasures. I geram...but at the same time PENAKUT (big time!!!)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Oh...what beautiful kittens Manis has. Sukanya I tengok. Thanks for the shows that animals pun are capable of love apa tah lagi kita.

wanshana said...


Like you, I also could not bring myself to write about what's happening in Palestine. Not that I don't care, or I don't think about it, but, I just can't. Sebak sangat... And dah more than a week I tak baca newspaper or even watch the news on TV.

And your posting on Manis and her kittens did uplift my spirit somewhat. Thanks :)

kay_leeda said...

Tai Tai,

Manis' kitties are getting bigger by the day, and they are such huge eaters. Bibik says in the morning they'd go chasing baby squirrels in the garden, with the intention of scaring them. Gosh...mana lah they belajar tu???

kay_leeda said...


The news gets more and more depressing by the day, doesn't it? But it's so difficult to just turn a deaf ear. We want to do something, but how much and how far can we go, yes?

Glad pics of Manis & anak-anak cheered you ;)

Jay One said...

cutenyer..manis dan anak - anaknyer...(teringat kucing kat kampungku)

Queen Of The House said...

Awwww ... so scweeet!! Manis betul gambar ni, macam nama ibu kucing tu. The kittens look kinda big already ... are they ready to be weaned?

kay_leeda said...

Dear Jay One,

Welcome to Sembang :)

Yes, the kitties are so cute. They are like two pairs of twins. One pair is white and black and the other is white and brown.

kay_leeda said...

Dear QoTH,

The kittens are big. Infact they have started eating the normal cat food. They are also good hunters, going for small rats and bugs around the house. But they just love "hooking up" onto the Mommy.

Ummi365 said...

i dah tak boleh tenguk gambar palestine ni.. meleleh je airmata. kesian betul.

ermm kucing tu comel betul... camna you jaga droppings dia ek..? itu yang i tak tahan tu..

kay_leeda said...


No matter how hard I try, the sad images of Gaza are still appearing. But, life has to go on.

The droppings?? Well, both Bibik and my husband dug a hole in the garden and filled it with the cat litter thingy. Somehow that method works well for them. Of course Bibik has to clear pu-pu twice or three times a day (got extra allowance to do this wooo, bibik ku!!)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kay, love this pics. You going to keep all of them? Wow, they're all so cute.
Have fun, Lee.

MrsNordin said...

Banyaknya kucing!! You want mine? I have 5.

MrsNordin said...

Btw, I too had no mood to write. But no matter how bad/sad I feel about it, they are not going to stop bombing each other. So I write, to take my mind off the pictures from Gaza. I've even stopped reading the newspapers these days coz it's just heart wrenching. Really sad.

kay_leeda said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

I don't think I have a choice but keep all four kitties. Manis and her kittens have become her inseparable companion.

Have a good weekend Uncle :)

kay_leeda said...


Yes...I feeling the same as you do. Somehow, the mood to write is not there. But I'll try as there are many cerita yang terbuku di hati which just have to be released.

Yar lah...suddenly I have so many cats. Every morning I have to be extra careful when backing out the car. They just love sitting behind the tyres....eeee....gerammmm!!!