Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day - 4 Submarine in Freo

Just outside the Western Australian Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay, Fremantle one is able to see this black and huge submarine.

The torpedoes were obviously the interest of this young man

The armament

Exhibits that tell the stories of human endeavour, bringing the maritime past to life.

Names of those who perished at sea


mamasita said...

Baru day 4 and you have captured so many beautiful photos of your sightseeing places..and family photos of course!Betul2 first-class tourists laah!

kay_leeda said...


Glad I did some research about places we wanted to go visit. Otherwise, we'd have to rely on the local tours, and some can be really pricy.

First class tourists?? No lah, we so sempoi je.