Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 5 - Drive up North

Saturday - 13 th December 2008.

It was a beautiful sunny day and there was no better way of spending the day, other than going to the beach. We actually did a lot of things on this day. We started with the morning drive along the Riverside Drive up to Mitchell Freeway and exit at Hepburn Avenue, heading towards Hillarys Boat Harbour.

I must say the highways or freeways as they are known Down Under, are pretty much similar as the ones we have in our country. Cuma wider, and NO TOLL of course and it felt safer to drive on them. Noone was doing the racing game as there would be stiff penalty for those caught speeding. The speed limit was only 100km/hour and of course, yours truly had to be extra careful when pressing on the accelarator.

As we arrived at Hillary Boat Harbour, boating enthusiasts were already busy getting their boats out to sea. There were boats of all shapes and sizes, and some even were up for sale!!!

Boats lined up the harbour front

Small beach for little kids to wade around

Hai...minat ker boat kat belakang tu???

Faris said he was aiming for the one in the background.

While the guys couldn't decide on which machine they wanted, we girls did what we are always best at...SHOPPING!!!

Crafts at the morning market

In the end, the guys showed us this tiny one...errr they said this was the cheapest, going for AUD$39,000. A stern NO from yours truly, and that put a stop at this boat "choosing(????)" fiasco!!!

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