Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Self Defence - She Says

The sufferings of the innocent Palestinians in Gaza has taken a toll on my writing. I am lost for words, my appetite sulks and as at yesterday, I have stopped reading the foreign news section in the papers. Tonight, I just couldn't get myself to watch the news on tv. No more of these heart wrenching images.

It has been 10 days after Israel began its attacks in the Gaza Strip. The worst blow came yesterday when they bombed the two schools. Many of the dead are children, women and elderly men. And this was what the Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni had to say about the conflict in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli offensive, "It is the expression of self-defense, the right of self-defense of a state".


And how does that make me feel??

I want to scream my lungs out!!
But that won't change anything though.

I ask from you Ya Kareem. I seek from you Ya Rahim, have mercy on these innocents.
Help them Ya Allah, help them Ya Rahman.....


ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Kay, tak tidur lagi? kata Pak Malim sambil memberus gigi. Melihat gambar2 mangsa kekejaman dan keganasan, memang menyentuh kalbu, kata Pak Malim sambil bermain kekabu. Tak tau apa lagi nak cakap, kata Pak Malim sambil makan ikan siakap.

Kak Teh said...

Kay, I abhor the arrogance of the Israelis - I have switched off - I cant bear it and I cant do anything but pray and pray. This feeling of helplessness wont go.

How can they say that Hamas are using children as human shields? where is the UN - three of their schools have been bombarded. and they have given the israelis coordinates and why are the innocent ones still the target? why?
"I ask from you Ya Kareem. I seek from you Ya Rahim, have mercy on these innocents.
Help them Ya Allah, help them Ya Rahman..... "

kay_leeda said...

Dear Pak Malim kucing ray yang alim,

Somehow tak boleh lelapkan mata tuan sambil, Kay memilih acuan. Mungkin sebab those horrifying images of the Palestinians, are making me sick to the bones, kata Kay yang teringat cerita detective "Barnaby Jones".

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

You are right. The feeling of helplessness just don't want to go!!! What ever the reason is, spare the children, fight like a real fighters, use all the tactical weapons to go get their Hamas guys, if they must. But why the children?? Four in a family, five in a family or even eight in a family, gone within seconds. Is there no value for the God given life??

We bleed...the world bleeds!!!

Anonymous said...

they killed the children bcoz to make sure there will be no more new generation to fight them and the women are also killed so that they wont bear new generation..the israelis want the gaza strip to themselves.. more land for them


mamasita said...

Hai Kay,
the Muslim world can only watch and cry.Helping the end result of the massacre is like cleaning up the bloodbath and murderous spree.While the butchery continues,we can only sent in relief funds.

We are losing Kay.The Jews are getting stronger each day.They want to wipe out every single Palestinian in the Gaza strip.And finally every Muslim country too.

When we ask Allah for help,it looks as though we're not getting any.This scenerio have persisted for a long time.
I believe we Muslims especially in the Arab world must have angered Allah by shaming the religion.He gave our Arab countries black gold yet we cannot be among the most powerful world leading countries.
We've heard of our Arab leaders behaving improperly and scandalously and gambling away etc.
The Palestinian massacre is Allah testing us all.We have failed!And so,the muslim world must now wake up fast or be doomed forever!

Yeah.I am getting so depressed we Muslims are being bullied and branded and the big irresponsible Arab brothers have let us down!

zaitgha said...


Really do not know what to do or say about this. Only to Allah can we pray ...
"I ask from you Ya Kareem. I seek from you Ya Rahim, have mercy on these innocents.
Help them Ya Allah, help them Ya Rahman..... "

ms hart said...

Kay, firstly, have written a long comment on your Perth final entry, but blogspot has been playing on us here for the past few days. Dah tulis2, bila click publish comments, keluar "Error on page" and the likes. Ponek yo.

Ni dah cerita lain. Kak Teh has picked the right word - abhor. That's what I'm feeling. Sedih tak dapat kata, but we are so helpless. Yang dapat buat, tu lah, doa, walaupun itulah selemah-lemah daya.

Waterlily said...

Remember Pakistan? Remember Iraq? Its the same vicious cycle, only its a different country - but with the same reasons - greed, pure evil. Those who suffer the most are always the civilians, those who gain the most ? To me its those countries or companies that produce weapons.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Anon@2.53,

Yes, clearly that seems to be what their intentions are, wipe out every single Palestinian. The Israelis will go down on in the books, as the worst war criminals ever known.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Mamasita,

Merciless, heartless..everyone seems to see that. But noone is daring enough to stand against the Israelis. The Arab nations, the UN, the OIC are big jokers, all being laughed at and bullied my these Israelis. Pathetic, isn't it??

kay_leeda said...


That's how it is right now...we pray...and we pray. God says, insan yang teraniaya, InshaAllah akan dimakbul doa-doa nya.

kay_leeda said...


Yes...I know Blogger has been acting up lately. It happened to me as well. That's why now I write in notepad and then copy paste to the comment box. Imagine dah berkobar-kobar menulis and then hilang bila post. Mau keluar asap daaa....(kalu rajin post lah semula..heh..hehe..nak gak tau, apa yr comments were..saja nak dera u :)) )

Yup...we just have to continue helping them with our doas. Itu je lah yang kita termampu...

kay_leeda said...


The target has always been the Muslim world. Bila kita retaliate they label us as terrorists. Now, who's going on this killing rampage? I'm no supporter of revenge but, shall we just sit down and allow this to continue happening??

Entah lah..pening kalu fikir-fikir banyak sangat. Ambil wuduk and solat & doa banyak-banyak je lah yang termampu.