Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 3 - Let's Go to the Zoo

Folks...this is the continuation of the Perth travel trails, kinda slow with my updates...

No visit to Down Under would be complete if the Zoo wasn’t in the itinerary. During my first visit to Australia way back in 2001, I was apprehensive about visiting the Zoo, it was the zoo in Melbourne that time. Somehow, I had this thought where I’d be haunted by the pungent smell of the animal pee and droppings, just like the horrid stench the moment you walk into the National Zoo here in Ulu Kelang. However, I was so, so wrong. The Aussie zoos are so unlike ours. They spread out into hectares of the wilderness, housing animals of various shapes and sizes.

The Perth Zoo is located in South Perth itself, pretty close to the place we were staying. It’s not as big as the one in Melbourne but it was a fun zoo to go visit.

We took bus number 30 and it stopped us right in front of the Zoo entrance. No long queues, there were just some school children in front of us. ABE got the tickets and off we went in. One good thing about the tickets is that they have special family rates. (I do think such a package is also available at our national zoo.)

We spent almost the whole morning learning about the different animals in the zoo, from the Roos to the koalas, to the platypus, to the dingos, just as the song, “Let’s go to the zoo…there are lots of things to do…”

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